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When patients have new or old symptoms we must always consider:  What physical mechanisms could be at play?  Is it bad form in the gym? Improper pillows or mattresses? Lifting kids and groceries incorrectly? Anything with innocent or good intentions can create major issues for unsuspecting patients. Although unnoticeable, these physical irritations on the spine and nervous system build up until the patient has the “straw that broke the camel’s back”-scenario.

Many of us are now relegated to kitchen tables with hard back chairs and lackluster home office set-ups that are a huge mechanism of irritation to low back, thoracic spines, and necks!  I am frequently asked: how can I avoid future pains if my workstation is the major component to my symptoms?

Here are 3 easy things to consider making sure our bodies stay fit while we sit.

  1. Take frequent, scheduled breaks.If possible, schedule 5, 10, 15-minute breaks through your day to GET UP and MOVE.  Walk around the house, climb the flight of stairs, do a simple workout.  Whatever works, just-get-up!If you are looking to add to your home-workout regimen, ask Heidie or Shea to schedule an exercise session with Dr. Mitch or Kari to improve your routine.
  2. Build your own or purchase a stand-up desk or variable height stand.A stack of books can work! Or get fancy and look at amazon or your local office supply store for more fancy options. Look at what we do at the clinic!

    Ask Heidie and Shea to schedule time with any of the doctors to go over specific office ergonomic recommendations for your home set-up.  We recommend you take pictures or videos of you sitting/standing at your station for the doctor before your appointment.

  3. FORGET THE NEW CHAIR—Try the Nada Chair!I am absolutely IN LOVE with our Nada Chair. It is a simple-yet genius-product that PULLS into the low back instead of PUSHING into the low back that you see in standard lumbar supports. I recommend anyone who is sitting for work consider supplementing their set-up with a Nada Chair.

Take a look at this short video to see how the Nada Chair works.

Schedule an adjustment with your doc, and make sure you tell Heidie or Shea you want to learn more about modifying your workstation and try out the Nada Chair!

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