Staying fit while aging with chiropractic care

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While it is true that we are all aging, it is not true that nothing can be done about it.  It is easy to assume that as we age we will become weaker, less flexible, less fit, have weaker immune systems, more brittle bones, etc.  The facts though are that all of us can actually become more fit, more flexible, stronger, and have more potent immune function- we can function “younger” as we age.

What you have to do, first of all, is reject the concept that your decline is“inevitable”. Then push yourself to learn new things- a new physical or mental activity or hobby.  Actively work to increase your strength and flexibility through any combination of weights, stretching, yoga, Pilates, martial arts, tai chi, ballroom dance, or whatever gets you moving.  Improve your nutrition so that you are getting more of the things that really fuel your body and less of the things that are a drain on it. Sharpen your mental acuity by reading challenging things and working out difficult problems.  Remember- either you use it or you lose it. Continue getting chiropractic care so that your joints stay limber and your nervous system stays free of interference.   Do even some of these things and you will feel better.  Do most of them and you will become younger.  It is never too late to become healthier and more vital.  Splurge on it!

I invite your comments or stories about how you have become “younger”.


Tim Fargo D.C.

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