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Our lives are largely defined by the decisions that we make about how we live. All of us have free will and can make of our lives whatever we wish.  We sometimes forget that fact and simply wait for things to happen or for others to decide.  The problem with this mode of operation is that when we do not consciously make decisions we are relinquishing responsibility and allowing things outside ourselves to dictate the results that appear.  This is especially true when it comes to health and the choices we make about it.

In the old “western” movies that I grew up watching, there was often a final scene in which the wagons were circled, the settlers were surrounded and it looked like all was lost.   Then, off in the distance, a faint sound, the blare of a bugle that heralded the arrival of the cavalry who, of course, saved the day.  When it comes to our health, many of us are sitting around and waiting for the cavalry to arrive.  The bad news is that, in the healthcare arena, even if they arrived, they could not save the day.  The good news is that the decisions we make are more powerful than any outside intervention could ever be.  As an illustration of this point I would like to share with you a quote from one of the foremost nutritional biochemists in the world, one of the founding fathers of Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland.

“Throughout your life the most profound influences on your health, vitality and function are not the doctors you have visited or the drugs, surgeries or other therapies you have undertaken.  The most profound influences are the cumulative effects of the decisions you make about your diet and lifestyle on the expression of your genes”.

The daily decisions that we make about how we care for ourselves will result in the genetic expression of disease or in profound and lasting vitality.  You can decide to come to your own rescue and, if you do, we at Chiropractic Health and Wellness are here to assist you in whatever way we can.  Enjoy the journey!

Tim Fargo D.C.

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