Pediatric Chiropractic Care for Babies

Just like adults, kids and babies need to be able to move their bodies with ease. Since they often can’t communicate their exact needs, a pediatric chiropractor is someone specifically trained to assess the spine and treat spinal misalignments or subluxations in the pediatric population. Specific and targeted adjustments can help ensure that they are moving in the proper way so that they are able to continue growing and developing in the most efficient way possible.

pediatric-chiropractic-care-for-babiesChiropractic care for babies and pediatrics is gentle and specific. The light touch and technique used helps to realign their delicate spine. Gentle pressure and vibration is used to induce proper motion and remove stress incurred in utero or during birth. Since they often don’t have as much build up as an adult body, their bodies usually change quickly and easily. Babies will often show signs of stress relief after an adjustment by falling asleep, having a bowel movement, being more alert or relaxing into the hands of their chiropractor!

Pediatric chiropractic helps promote proper neurodevelopment. The nervous system is comprised of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, and together these work to connect and control all the systems of the body. Think of it as our electricity and power supply. Each nerve emerges from the spine and travels to its target tissue via the skeletal system. If there is restriction in the spine or any joint, the nervous system will not fire fully or properly, and can dim the electricity in the body. When this happens repeatedly and tissues don’t receive the correct signaling, those tissues malfunction and symptoms start to appear. In an adult body, symptoms take many forms and may include pain, stiffness, weakness, asymmetry, etc. In a pediatric body, symptoms often present differently and may include colic, constipation, torticollis, feeding difficulty, reflux, etc. A pediatric chiropractic adjustment works to reduce tension surrounding the nervous system by aligning the spine. This allows for uninterrupted communication between the brain, spinal cord and nerves so that every tissue in the body can work optimally. During the first few years of life, babies and pediatrics are developing so rapidly that it is imperative that these systems are able to work at their highest potential.  By ensuring proper nervous system function right from birth, chiropractic adjustments help the pediatric population thrive.

These gentle adjustments also help to enhance overall well-being. Just like adults, babies experience discomfort or tension in their bodies, often from birth. Pediatric chiropractic helps to alleviate these issues, allowing babies to feel more relaxed, sleep better, and thrive in their new environment outside the womb. Schedule an appointment with Chiropractic Health & Wellness for your child and start their path to a healthy future.

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