Smart Goals

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It is critical to create goals with 5 fundamental components.  The “SMART” goal format is a great way to keep you on the path to success!

Here are the basic components with short examples to help you start creating your own SMART goal!

Specific—is the goal vague or laser focused?

Instead of “lose some weight” or “exercise”, think “lose 15 pounds” or “add 3 hours of activity every week”.

Measurable—Can you keep track of your goal using easy metrics?

Keeping logs of weight or inches lost.  Counting steps, miles, reps, and sets.

Attractive—Does the goal make you excited?  Is it something YOU want to achieve?

Discovering WHY the goal is important.  WHY is losing 15 pounds or working out 3 hours important?

Realistic—Some goals are lofty…start small and make sure these goals are achievable.

Losing 15lbs is much more realistic than 150lbs.  Perhaps 150lbs is a long-term goal but start out with something that gets you closer to the end goal.

Timely- Adding an amount of time helps you stay the course.

Losing 15lbs in 3 months vs 1 month are two completely different activities.  Be sure the time frame is realistic as well.

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