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By Dr. Tim Fargo, Chiropractor

Some of you may have experienced “The Million Dollar Adjustment”, or maybe even several, in the course of your care.  I may have even told you that you were about to receive one of these rare creatures.  But what exactly is “The Million Dollar Adjustment”?  It is an adjustment that suddenly changes a condition that you have been suffering from for a long time, or maybe it is a series of adjustments over a period of time that dramatically changes your condition and your life.

Perhaps you had suffered from chronic headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, fatigue, or any number of other symptoms, and an adjustment(s) suddenly altered your situation.  It could be that you had to live with pain, take drugs continually, or were told by the “experts” that you would simply have to live with your condition, and an adjustment(s) changed that.  Well, that is “The Million Dollar Adjustment”.  We call it that because it so dramatically brings a person back to healthy, drug-free, and pain-free living.

Sometimes a person has debilitating pain and an adjustment or two dramatically changes, reduces or eliminates the pain, and they all but jump off the treatment table.  That too is “The Million Dollar Adjustment”.

Sometimes it can take time for “The Million Dollar Adjustment” to work its magic and eventually the person’s immune, digestive or reproductive system starts to function as it was supposed to.  We have patients who could not conceive in spite of all medical treatment, but who become pregnant under chiropractic care. We have patients with chronic acid reflux, asthma, chronic skin conditions, migraine headaches, etc., and even these folks changed in remarkable ways.

Before you start wondering at my conceit for taking all the credit for what happens with people I want you to know the secret behind “The Million Dollar Adjustment”.  The secret is that you have an innate (inborn) intelligence in your body that actually does the healing and sometimes all that is required is to release that natural healing power. The job of the chiropractor is to help free the flow of this intelligence and then the body simply performs the miracle of healing itself.

The greatest satisfaction that I have in doing the work that I do is to see people change and do so without fancy machines or poisonous pills.  I have the distinct privilege of being able to deliver an adjustment and then sit back and watch as the body does its thing.  It is still startling to me how quickly a person can “come around”, even when they have suffered mightily and for a long time.  That, to me is what “The Million Dollar Adjustment” is all about.  Hopefully, you have experienced one and, if not, then keep your mind open to the possibility: amazing things happen when you free the animating force in the body.

Dr. Tim Fargo is an Edina Chiropractor who practices in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and has done so for the past 38 years. He is the clinic director of Chiropractic Health and Wellness and the founder of ScoliTech™, a company devoted to the care of patients with scoliosis and other spinal disorders. He enjoys caring for people of all ages, but specializes in the treatment of scoliosis and postural imbalances. In addition, he has had extensive experience in treating hundreds of elite and professional athletes, including 15 years spent as the chiropractor for the Minnesota Vikings. He is a passionate educator who actively mentors chiropractic students and has delivered literally hundreds of lectures to the community on various wellness-related topics.

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