Education Saves Lives

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on February 1, 2016

Newsflash:  Education Saves Lives

Did you know that the doctors at Chiropractic Health and Wellness regularly bring wellness education to the workplace and social gatherings? Through an organization called “The Wellness Resource Group”, which is affiliated with a national non-profit, these educational offerings are presented as a community service, at no charge. 

For the past 33 years Dr. Fargo has been lecturing throughout the Twin Cities on a variety of health and wellness-related topics.  Dr. Tivy and our newest doctor, Darin Wagner, are also actively involved as public speakers.  The goal of this initiative is to bring current health information to the general public so that they can make better lifestyle choices and take greater responsibility for their personal and family health.  Data clearly shows that when people understand more about the body and what it takes to keep it healthy, they make better decisions and avoid larger health problems in the future.  Wellness education also results in higher morale, better productivity, and reduced healthcare costs, both for individuals and groups.  If you own or are part of a company, or are a member of a group, such as a church or civic organization, and think that your organization could benefit from a higher level of health, then please contact Samantha at The Wellness Resource Group 612-710-6122 or at [email protected].  She would be happy to send you more information on our offerings which include workshops as follows:

How To Handle Stress Before It Handles You
A Sitting Survival Workshop For People Who Sit For A Living
Peak Performance for Elite Athletes and Regular People
Nutrition for Energy and Longevity
Raising Healthy Children

We also will tailor a workshop to your organization’s needs.

“It is our mission to educate people about wellness and inspire them to make choices that result in a lifetime of vibrant health for themselves and their families”.   Tim Fargo D.C.

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