What May Be Missing in Your Chiropractic Care

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on January 18, 2016

What May Be Missing In Your Chiropractic Care

Yesterday, a gentleman attending our Lunch & Learn on Handling Stress told me an interesting story.  He said that he will regularly go to the Chiropractor and receive a great adjustment and walk out of the office feeling like he is on top of the world and ten years younger.  However, over the next couple of days, he gradually regresses back to where he was before his treatment; tight muscles, soreness and the occasional headache.  Diligent with his chiropractic care, he would return to his Chiropractor only to repeat this cycle.

Sound familiar?

What I explained to this gentleman is that there may be an unaddressed component to his care that is blocking him from experiencing the lasting outcomes he desires.  While many Chiropractors are great at treating the function of the spine to promote a healthy nervous system and proper joint function, not many will treat its underlying structure.  This will predispose individuals to positions that the effects of gravity and other physical stresses wreak havoc on. 

For example, picture a desk worker bent over a keyboard all day.  Their head is positioned forward from their shoulders, placing increased strain on the muscles at the base of their skull and above and between their shoulder blades.  Over time, the ligaments of their cervical spine shorten (in this case the anterior longitudinal ligament) and their forward head position becomes more permanent.  Now imagine an Olympic lifter or a Crossfit athlete who has an abnormal lumbar spine catching a heavy “hang clean”.  They have lost the proper structure in their spine to provide cushion during this movement, and injuries like disc herniation or muscular strain can occur. 

Both individuals can be helped.  A specialized discipline within Chiropractic that our clinic employs known as Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) uses exercise, adjustments and focused traction to normalize the architecture of your spine, providing your spine the ability to function as it should.  These programs are highly individualized and are based on measurements taken using X-ray analysis as well as postural evaluation.  Many Chiropractors do not provide this service due to the specialized training and equipment required.  However, if the function of your spine and your nervous system is being treated without regard for its structure, you may experience treatment outcomes like the gentleman I introduced earlier. 

Do you know the state of your spine’s structure?  Take advantage of our new patient special while it lasts and come find out!  

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