Super Food for a Super You

Written By Chiropractic Health and Wellness on March 8, 2017

Super Food for a Super You!

Written by Chiropractic Health and Wellness on March 1, 2017

"Super Foods" are food items which when consumed have particular and sometimes numerous health benefits. Some superfoods, like garlic, olive oil, blueberries, extra virgin coconut oil, macadamia nuts and avocados are in common use and are well known to the average person. Some such as Goji Berries and Turmeric are less well known and less commonly used. Recently I came accross a super food which I think deserves an introduction and should be used by more people more often. The name of this food is an herb known as Ganoderma Lucidum. This herb is also known as Reishi in Japan and Ling Zhi in China. The recorded history of its use in China goes back over 2,000 years and it was once reserved for nobility, in large part because of its scarcity, reputed healing power and cost. In recent years, Ganoderma has become more commercially available as cultivation has progressed. This substance, sometimes known as "The King of The Herbs", has been known to have legendary healing and anti-aging properties. These powers were the stuff of legend and anecdote, but more recently there have been literally hundreds of scientific studies done and scholarly articles written on its various properties.


The list of beneficial effects is impressive and includes the following:

  1. Improves immune function and has been shown to be effective in cancer prevention.
  2. It is antibacterial and antiviral.
  3. It creates an alkaline environment in the body.
  4. It is anti-inflammatory.
  5. It improves blood sugar regulation and thus helps prevent diabetes.
  6. It enhances liver and kidney function.
  7. It promotes a calming (GABAnergic) response.
  8. It encourages deeper sleep.
  9. It can protect nerve tissue from antioxidant damage implicated in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.
  10. It has multiple antiaging mechanisms.

The implications of the above effects on human health and disease are far reaching and span from cancer and diabetes prevention to blood pressure, fatigue, sleep, depression and weight issues. Honestly, the list of health benefits is too long for the present article.


Why am I writing about this herb now? I first heard about the use of Reishi many years ago, but never paid much attention to it. I was recently reintroduced to it and a unique "delivery system". Through a patented process, Ganoderma is not available in a range of coffee and tea products and it makes regular consumption not only delicious, but also as easy as your morning cup of coffee. We recently started carrying these products in the clinic and have a full supply on had for you to sample.


Some of you who know me will be puzzled to hear that I am actually recommending that you continue to consume coffee and caffeinated tea since I have been recommending exactly the opposite for years. The difference is that this coffee and tea contain Ganoderma and effectively turn a bad habit into one which is actually beneficial for your short and long-term health. I know it may sound a bit too good to be true, but the proof of the pudding is, as they say, in the eating, or in this case the drinking. Whether you have joint pain, migraines, allergies, blood pressure issues, sleep difficulties or any number of other symptoms, I suggest you buy a box and try it for 30 days, replacing the coffee or tea you are currently using, cup for cup. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how you feel. By the way, these products are significantly less expensive than anything that you can get at Starbucks, Caribou, Dunkin Doughnuts or Dunn Brothers. Make sure to have a sample cup next time you are in the clinic and if you like how it tastes, do the 30-day challenge. You'll be glad you did!


Tim Fargo, D.C.



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