Patient Testimonials of Chiropractic Health and Wellness

“I love Dr. Fargo’s comments! His humor got me started!”

Donna H.

Stillwater, MN

I first met Dr. Fargo at Orangetheory Fitness when I was having some leg discomfort while I was running. After talking with Dr. Fargo briefly at Orangetheory Fitness, I made an appointment. What I loved about my first appointment is that Dr. Fargo and his team made sure that they understood my health history and were able to make a game plan to improve my overall health and not just fix the isolated leg issue that I came to Dr Fargo with. Over the course of a few months we were able to make changes to my spinal alignment including significant improvements in the curvature of my neck. My appointments with Dr. Fargo have taught me so much about my body and how it functions.

I kept coming back to Chiropractic Health & Wellness because when you walk in the door you are greeted by name and with a smile. The Chiropractic Health & Wellness team genuinely cares about me and my health. I am thankful for the Chiropractic Health & Wellness family and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their overall quality of life and invest in their lifelong health.


Minneapolis, MN

Chiropractic Health & Wellness is a wonderfully upbeat, positive & friendly environment where you will truly feel cared for. Dr. Evenson is intuitive, compassionate and sensitive but most of all, a great wizard for adjusting my complex, ever-changing subluxations. All the staff has your best interest in mind and you will make friends with them all! I always leave feeling refreshed, encouraged, cheered up and more comfortable. You will not regret trying out CHW and will be amazed at how their unique methodology and caring attitude will transform your body, heart and mind!


Minneapolis, MN

I love the doctors and staff in comparison to my last chiropractic experience, I truly appreciate the time they all take to explain things, ask questions and evaluate me per visit. Nothing cookie cutter here.

Tina A.

Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Fargo has been treating me for about 3 years. I had met him during one of his speeches during the Healthy Life Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center. My girlfriend and I were walking around and he caught our attention so we sat down to listen. Afterwards, we decided to stop by his booth to chat with him and after a few minutes of talking he looked down at me and said “You’re messed up. You need help.” I later when in for an exam and x-rays, where I learned that one of my legs is shorter than the other. I’ve seen over 6 – 7 chiropractors over the years and none of them found the things Dr. Fargo did.

Through a combination of physical therapy and his unique adjustment style, my alignment is back to where it should be. My head is back above my shoulders instead of in front of them and thanks to Dr. Fargo realigning me, I’ve regained the inch I had lost! It always amazes me when I think about how Dr. Fargo is the only chiropractor I’ve seen that noticed the issues I had and was able to fix them. I’ve been seeing him for over three years and I don’t see any reason to change that; he is the best I’ve ever seen.

Karl M.

Apple Valley, MN

Dr. Fargo has been there for me for many years. I live life to the fullest know he will put me back together.

Lisa E.
Edina, MN

My name is Jason Galvin and for many years I lived in pain until I met Dr. Fargo. In 2004 I was in a helicopter crash while serving the the army in Afghanistan. Since then, I have had extreme back pain in my lower back that would not go away. I had tried many physical therapy programs, injections, medications, and so on. My pain was so bad at times that my wife had to push me in a wheel chair because I couldn't walk. Recently, a family member referred me to Dr. Fargo in Edina, MN. After one visit, I was literally pain free. I would very seriously recommend giving him a visit for any issue. He is a genuine professional and has performed a miracle on me!

Jason Galvin
Strong Owens Family 1

John Owens and his remarkable family indeed represent the face of chiropractic. Fifteen years ago John met Dr. Fargo at a spinal screening at Calhoun Beach Club. John was experiencing severe leg pain which prohibited him from working out without discomfort. John said, "It's funny; I can picture it like it was yesterday. He did his bend and twist - something I have become so used to - and he basically showed me how locked up I was." Dr. Fargo said he could help and, fortunately for John and his family, John believed him. John noticed results almost immediately. His pain was relieved and he was able to return to working out and avoid a discussed surgery. John recommends chiropractic to others every day. "It pains me to see people in need of chiropractic care that don't get it." As a result of John's chance meeting with Dr. Fargo, John's entire family has experienced the benefits of chiropractic.

John's wife Pat came to us complaining of soreness in the lower back, neck, knees, as well as, tennis elbow, high stress and general "wear and tear." Solutions from her previous doctors included high doses of Ibuprofen. After one week under Dr. Fargo's care Pat was convinced she had taken the better path toward wellness. Oldest daughter Jessica (age 18) saw results in one week after receiving care for a neck injury suffered during a swim meet. She enthusiastically recommends chiropractic to prevent injuries and promote overall health. Jessica states, "It helps with pain and getting things back into alignment." After a car accident Jessica was introduced to, and enjoyed the benefits of, therapeutic massage therapy which aided her on her road to recovery. Daughter Abra (age 14) came to Dr. Fargo for an elbow injury suffered while playing tennis. She saw immediate results. Abra recommends chiropractic, particularly to athletes, saying, "If you don't know what's hurting, chiropractors can find it." John and Pat's son Joe (age 10) experienced frequent soreness as he trained for and eventually achieved his black belt in karate. After one adjustment Joe saw results and happily recommends chiropractic for "when you're sore or have a pain somewhere."

The Owens family is most definitely a shining example of our goal at Chiropractic Health and Wellness - to inspire families to make choices that result in a lifetime of vibrant health.

The Owens Family
Edina, MN
Carlson Family

I met Tim Fargo when I was 13. I had fallen on my tailbone in a track meet and was experiencing shooting pains up my back. After visits to the family pediatrician & colon/rectal surgeon left me with "painful tailbone syndrome" or a recommendation to have my tailbone removed, I finally listened to my Dad, who connected me to Tim. My Mom hauled me in every week for adjustments, and quickly, the pain subsided, and my tailbone was still in tact!

Since that time, I have gotten married, and had four children. While I have to say I was an avid member of the Tim fan club, I didn't truly come to appreciate Tim & the team until I experienced food allergies with my children and a painful foot first breech 3rd pregnancy.

Our son, Adam, was having severe ear infections as a toddler. After 2 tube surgeries and still struggling to keep him healthy, we finally brought him in to Tim for allergy testing. Turns out the poor thing had a dairy allergy, and the minute we took him off of dairy, the ear infections stopped and he became a much healthier child.

Our second son, Joe, decided to come into the world a tad backwards. This made for a very painful pregnancy. One of the only places I was comfortable was lying on the table at the office, where the middle would drop down and I could actually lie on my stomach. Getting regular adjustments & massage while pregnant was my saving grace.

Our #3 son, Will, decided to break out with full body skin rashes when we put him on soy formula. I thought I had learned my "dairy" lesson with the other boys, so I just started him out on soy. Nice Mom, huh? Our pediatrician was convinced the rash was eczema, and I didn't buy that so, I brought him to Tim, who said-you nut case-he's allergic to soy too! Off to a new formula we went!

It's this next experience, to this day, where I am still in awe. At the age of 10, Adam smashed up his collarbone while sledding with buddies at recess. Adam is a hockey goalie, so recovering quickly was pretty important to him. Tim put Adam on a rigorous adjustment schedule, along with electrical stimulation & a cartilidge rebuilding supplement. Adam wore a special shoulder brace & did some stretching exercises to get back in shape. In less than 2 weeks, Adam was back on the ice!!

Most recently, our 15 year old daughter, Maggie, decided that she was tired of Mom bugging her about slouching all the time. She actually asked to come in and get checked out. After xrays & exams, it turns out that Maggie has subluxations in her spine that were very unusual, and were really caught "just in time". Maggie (& her Dad who is doing all the driving) have made it a priority to get in for regular adjustments, and her posture is already improving. I am hopeful that her connection to chiropractic at the age of 15, will encourage her to seek chiropractic care her entire life, just as my experience did for me when I was 13.

I am proud to be referred to as "Tim's oldest patient", while I am the ripe old age of 39….

The Carson Family: Lisa, John, Maggie, Adam, Joe & Will
Edina, MN
Linda Conley and Marylynne Boone

It all began 25 years ago when Lisa, my daughter, who has now been married for 17 years and has four children, injured her tailbone in a track accident after school. I mention her injury because it led me to chiropractic awareness and self-care.

Falling off of the swing set when I was nine years old was probably the beginning of the back problems I have been plagued with for most of my life. I've had back and neck issues for as long as I can remember, but then I'm approaching the 'golden years" and have a pretty good memory of times past.

Over the years and before chiropractic was a part of my life, I consulted my family doctor, and an orthopedic specialist. I also discovered the low back clinic. Neither pain pills nor muscle relaxants alleviated my symptoms and I believed I had to learn to live with them, which I did for many, many years.

My ex-husband (good for new ideas, sometimes!) suggested that I take Lisa to a chiropractor when NO MD could help with her tailbone injury. Voila! Dr. Fargo entered the scene. In about three treatments, Lisa's injury was healed and as a parent I was eternally grateful. However, I still didn't get the picture that chiropractic is for everyone until Dr. Fargo asked when I was going to let him "work on that neck?" It was probably two months before I began to notice that my neck wasn't so stiff and my back didn't hurt if I sat in a straight back chair for more than ten minutes. So, I became a believer in regular treatments for a healthier me.

Since that time (in the early 1980's) I have had several serious back injuries and a broken tailbone. My first response is always to call Dr Fargo, sometimes at home, rather than visit the emergency room or any other physician. He has helped me through herniated discs, a continually subluxated neck, a vertigo episode, and a broken tailbone. I value not only his expertise and knowledge, but his friendship as well. In twenty- five years I'm sure I've referred at least twenty- five friends/family members to Chiropractic Health and Wellness. When I hear friends talk about their health issues, I almost always mention what I do for self-care, and that it's likely they would have good results if they gave chiropractic a try. Many of those I've referred have been or still are patients at this clinic. We could advocate for a No Spine Left Behind Act and spread it all over the Twin Cities.

Linda Conley
Edina, MN

The sharp pain began 20 years ago after giving birth for the first time. I had thought that his head had pushed and bruised my tailbone as he was being born. I could not sit on a chair or put any pressure on my tailbone for many months after the birth. My doctor said that the pain would get better over time, but also told me that nothing could be done to help me. Over the years, I ingested a lot of Tylenol and avoided activities that involved long periods of sitting. Even though the pain did lessen over the years, it always had been an aggravation, and was always on my mind. I dreaded long car trips and airplane rides.

Then I met Dr.Fargo at a Stay Fit While You Sit, a lecture from my employer this year. I signed up for the complimentary evaluation and consultation after the event, without much hope. I mentioned my tailbone to him at the initial appointment. I wish that I had met Dr.Fargo years ago. He determined that, surprisingly to me, my tailbone was actually fine. It was my hips that were twisting and causing general pelvic bone pain. After a couple of treatments, I felt immediate relief. After the first 23 adjustments, I felt so great. My pain is practically gone. Thank you so much Dr.Fargo, along with his very professional team of assistants.

Edina, MN

I began suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) about 4.5 years ago. After seeing TMJ specialists, ENT specialists, neurologists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and multiple medications; I was completely hopeless. Nothing I had done gave me any consistent results or pain relief. I was bound to get through each work day by consuming 8-12 ibuprofen, heat/ice packs and topical pain relief products on my jaw, temples and neck. I inevitable began suffering from stomach pain from all the ibuprofen and couldn’t drink coffee, eat spicy foods or enjoy happy hour with friends. I was prescribed multiple prescriptions to help reduce the amount of pain not only in my jaw, but my stomach as well. In desperation and hopelessness, I sent out a Facebook post asking everyone I knew if they ever had TMJ surgery, as I thought this was my last hope. I got a private message from one of my ex-boyfriends from middle school, who worked with Dr. Fargo, and he told me before contemplating surgery I should give chiropractic care another chance. I was skeptical as I had already seen three chiropractors without any significant results. However, with this recommendation from a friend combined with my desperation, I thought I would give chiropractic care another chance.

When I first met with Dr. Fargo, I was a hopeless, blubbering mess. I immediately realized that Dr. Fargo had a different approach to chiropractic care, using kinesiology and viewing the body as a whole and it’s interconnectedness; as opposed to just jaw work as I had experienced before. After my first adjustment, I was shocked. I came back for my second adjustment with nothing but a huge smile on my face; hope was restored. Ever since then my pain has consistently and significantly decreased. I was able to stop taking a majority of the prescribed medications and my ibuprofen intake dramatically decreased. I can now go days without taking ibuprofen and I began feeling like the pain-free person I used to be. I call Dr. Fargo my “chiropractic wizard” and have recommended and will continue to recommend anyone with chronic pain to him. Chiropractic Health and Wellness is always flexible to work my schedule and empathetic to my needs. Dr. Fargo has changed my life and I am forever grateful. I got my hope and my life back.

Diana F.

I had been in pain for so long that I just began to accept that this was as good as it was going to get. For years I had been dealing with neck, shoulder, rib and back pain. My limbs would ache and go numb and my sleep was terrible. I had visited several doctors, a few chiropractors and even tried a few alternative methods like acupuncture and hypnosis. The doctors prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers and nothing seemed to help. I was beyond the end of my rope; I had no rope left. Then, one day, Dr. Fargo was a guest speaker at my work. It wasn't the same old tired sales pitch that I was used to. Everything he said really made sense to me and I began to feel a sense of hope that this could be different. My first appointment was very informative and the treatment I received was completely different than the others I had in the past. I actually felt a difference after the first visit! After a few weeks I really began to notice the improvements and continued to work with Dr. Fargo and Dr. Faue on my overall health. I am entirely grateful to the doctors and the extremely helpful staff at Chiropractic Health and Wellness.

Rodney C.

I first saw Dr. Fargo for my physical condition on April 19th, 2012. I was a mess. This last year I experienced all kinds of symptoms and could not find the answers to making them all go away until I met with Dr. Fargo.

The reason I even decided to schedule with him was because I had been suffering with acid reflux. It had gotten so bad that I was up all night long in pain for three nights in a row. I just couldn't go through another night like that. I tried chiropractic adjustments with several other doctors which helped for about a day. I tried Tums - they were my best friend for about 6 months, and if they failed, baking soda helped take away the pain. But these three nights, nothing worked. I was feeling like I was dying.

Fortunately, I remembered that two people told me that acid was caused by food allergies. With a new solution to my problem, I called Dr. Fargo. I've known him for a long time; he was a chiropractor to many of my friends.

I also had several other things going on. I weighed in at 208 pounds and I couldn't get off the couch without help. I had an itch down below that would start up at night and was uncomfortable and made me cry. I was prescribed two different creams that would help some of the time. I had a problem with my pelvic floor and always felt like I had to urinate. I had dry skin so bad that I looked really old. And, I also had hot flashes and cold sweats 'round the clock making it really hard to get through the day. I was tired all the time and had no ambition.

I went to Dr. Fargo to have him check me for food allergies and not only did he do that and find some, he did what a doctor is supposed to do. He really helped me. He put me on the Ideal Protein Diet and started me on an adjustment program. It was exactly what I needed!

Today is August 8th. In this short time, miracles happened! Within the first two weeks, my acid reflux was completely gone and my itching was a thing of the past. I have lost 55 pounds and I don't have that feeling like I need to urinate all the time. I can get off the couch by myself now! My skin is healing, not so dry and the hot flashes and cold sweats aren't as intense. I am now looking into bio identical hormones for the menopause with my medical doctor. I have so much energy, I am easily working a 12-14 hour day!

What I really like about Dr. Fargo's program is that it is measurable. He is result driven and keeps a log on your progress. He goes over it with you too! He spends the time with you. He cares. He cares that you get well.

I have never been in a doctor's office before where I felt that the entire staff really cared about me. But I do here. I am completely blown away by this - you just don't see this anywhere else.

Thank you for giving me my life back. You told me what we needed to do and together, we are making it happen.

Patti B.
Edina, MN

George and I grew up at a time when doctors tried to find out "what" was wrong when you were ailing. But, as time has gone on, we were learning that in this day and age, going to see a medical doctor means getting referred around for a while to learn what medications they want you to take. This was not what we wanted. For many years we searched for someone to help us be "well".

I have ongoing sinus problems. No matter what season it is. Facial pressure, headaches, earaches were common in my life. George has/had many aches and pains in his back and all of his joints. He has battled a bulging disc and two other deteriorated discs in his low back. At times, so bad he could not walk without help. He was cautious about walking, especially in bad weather, because a wrong move could put him out for days.

In November, 2008, I went to the Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center and started a program to help my sinus situation. By January, George and our son, Thomas had also started seeing Dr. Tim and staff. The changes that we have all experienced in our overall health is incredible.

While my sinus problems have not disappeared, I am feeling much better. George has had amazing results, his flexibility has improved enormously, he can even touch his toes now! And Thomas, who does sports such as hockey, soccer, golf and swimming has definitely had success in improving his mobility.

While we get our adjustments and periodic checkups, we have also learned the proper ways to configure our work stations, stretching, exercises and personalized nutrition suggestions - in other words, what "we" need to do to be healthy. This is what "health care" is all about.

The staff knows us and is always willing to help us. We enjoy going for our appointments.

Recently, Thomas was interviewed in school and asked what he thought he would be when he was an adult. His answer was "an NHL player and a chiropractor". I wonder who inspired that idea???

"THANK YOU" to all at the Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center.

Roseanne, George and Thomas Strand

My awareness of the healing powers obtainable through chiropractic treatment began when I came home to find my partner, Linda, crying and bent over a chair. She had fallen down the stairs (breaking her tailbone). I wanted to take her to the hospital or call an ambulance. She insisted on calling Tim Fargo. Mind you, it was late Sunday afternoon. I argued with her but finally gave in and took her to Tim's home. I thought I would have to carry her to the car. She managed to get in but it was painful for her, and me watching her attempt to walk.

When she got off the table after being worked on, I couldn't believe it. She could walk and was obviously not pain-free, but it was managable.

That was the beginning of my attitude change towards chiropractic care and, I believe, the beginning of a healthier me. I started seeing Dr. Fargo for my own personal care. I had problems with the turn radius of my neck. I noticed an immediate result. I could enumerate several other health and wellness changes, but then you would be reading a novella. I have learned about and learned to manage my food allergies (didn't know I had them until Dr. Fargo identified them), my asthma (I am no longer inhaler dependant), my chrionic lower back pain just to name a few. I don't think about taking pills to dull the pain, I think about when I can get in to see Tim and get RID of it.

The first thing I say when I hear someone talk about migraines, neck, back or other obvious subluxation issues is "Do you have a chiropractor? If not I can give the name of a good one." I have turned from skeptic to promoter. And I too would like to promote a "No spine left behind" movement.

Marylynn Boone
Edina, MN