Meet Our Wellness Team

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Jaila Cappelli - Front Desk Receptionist

1. Hometown: Elk River, MN
2. College: North Central University - Business Administration

3. Hobbies: Volleyball, Hiking, and Travelling

4. Pets: None

5. Favorite thing about CHW: Getting to know everyone and learn about Chiropractic! I've been learning so much each day here.

6. When did you start at CHW? - Early December 2018.

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Lauren Kizlik - Front Desk Receptionist

1. Hometown: Springbrook, WI
2. College: MSU - Mankato (undergrad) & St. Catherine University (gradutate)

3. Hobbies: School, playing soccer and spending time with family

4. Pets: Cat, Sonny

5. Favorite thing about CHW: How friendly the staff, patients and puppies are:)

6. When did you start at CHW? - July 2018

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Annabelle - Director of Public Relations & Marketing

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Get to know Annabelle!

  1. Hometown: Grand Rapids, Minnesota

  2. College: Unversity of Minnesota Duluth
  3. Hobbies: Dance, being outdoors and spending time with her dog!
  4. Pets: Yes, a springer/brittney dog named Ella!
  5. Favorite thing about CHW: I love the positive vibes, energy & of course the people!
  6. When did you start at CHW: July 2019

Becky - Certified Ideal Protein Coach

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Get to know Becky!

  1. Hometown: Watertown, Connecticut
  2. College: Albertus Magnus- Homden CT, Purdue GLobal- Rapid City IO & American University- Washington DC
  3. Hobbies: Hiking, running, downhill skiing and surfing!
  4. Favorite thing about CHW: All the friendly people
  5. When did you start at CHW: August 2019

Kari Meissner - Rehabilitation Tech

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Get to know Kari!

  1. Hometown: Chaska, MN

  2. College: Taylor University, IN

  3. Hobbies: Playing with my dog Cooper, skiing & cross stitching

  4. Pets: Yes, a boarder collie named Cooper:)

  5. Favorite thing about CHW: Super friendly patients and staff!

  6. When did you start at CHW: January, 2019.

Courtney Dombrowski - Massage Therapist

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Get to know Courtney!

  1. Hometown: Minot, North Dakota.
  2. Hobbies: I love curling up on the couch to watch Netflix or to read a good book.
  3. Pets: I have two Persian kitties that happen to be brother and sister named WangQi and Zoey. I also have a tank full of fresh water fish.
  4. Favorite thing about CHW: My favorite thing about working at CHW would definitely have to be the people I massage. I have come to know so many wonderful patients at the clinic. I don't think I would be happier anywhere else.
  5. When did you start at CHW: July, 2005 - 13 years ago!

Nancy Fargo - Business Manager

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Get to know Nancy!

  1. Hometown: I was born in Binghamton, NY, but grew up in Barrington, IL.
  2. College: University of Minnesota.
  3. Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends and playing with my Mini Goldendoodle puppy - Poppy. I'm also the Makeup and Hair Designer for Minnetonka Theatre and enjoy working with the creative team there!
  4. Pets: My sweet puppy Poppy!
  5. Favorite thing about CHW: I've always loved helping people heal naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. I've been working in the chiropractic field for 36 years and have seen many miracles during that time! I have also enjoyed working with my husband (Dr. Fargo) for the last 30 years - it's really a family oriented environment here!
  6. When did you start at CHW: 1987, when CHW opened its doors!

Poppy - Wellness Ambassador


Get to know Poppy!

  1. Hometown: Born in Peever, SD, but now resides in Eden Prairie, MN.
  2. Education: Puppy class at Wag N' Woofs in Eden Prairie
  3. Hobbies: Playing with her brother (and twin) Porter, chewing bones, playing with her toys, coming to work with Mom and cuddling with most anyone who will hold her!
  4. Favorite thing about CHW: Greeting the wonderful patients! Woof!
  5. When did she start at CHW: March, 2016