Pamper Your Staff 

With a FREE Stress Break Massage
! Complimentary 10-Minute Massages.

Are you tired of hearing your employees and co-workers gripe about how stressed out there are? 
 Do you or your co-workers suffer with back pain from sitting all day on the job? 
Are you looking for ways to reward your staff for the hard work they do all year? Then you need to book a 'Pamper Your Staff' event for your company today! 

Our Doctors and staff provide free, on-site massage services to select groups and companies throughout the year. This is a tremendous way to give back to your staff/co-workers and build staff morale! Your employees will really appreciate this act of kindness and also enjoy learning about alternative ways to handle stress naturally!
For more information or to book a 'Pamper Your Staff' massage event for your company, please contact Lindsay Pritzl at [email protected] or call 952-835-6750.