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If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, look no further than our clinic, Chiropractic Health and Wellness. There are all kinds of reasons why you might be experiencing lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or a whole catalog of other pains around your body. At our clinic, we will find the underlying cause of your pain and treat that, rather than simply covering up your symptoms by recommending pain-killers and medications. Those offer no more than temporary relief at best, and our philosophy is to treat the problem right at its source, so you can be pain-free for an indefinite amount of time.

Benefits of chiropractic care

Our patients receive a number of benefits from the chiropractic care we deliver at sessions with them. It is known for instance, that chiropractic care can have a similar effect as taking high blood pressure medications for those people bothered by high blood pressure. The difference between the two is that there are never any side effects from chiropractic care. Because chiropractic care addresses subluxations or misalignments of the spine, it can provide significant pain relief for patients, primarily because it relieves pressure on nerve tissue troubled by the misalignment.

When the body’s aches and pains are addressed and either reduced or eliminated, it can help you perform your daily tasks much better. If you’re an athlete, it can certainly improve performance in your chosen sport. Anyone who experiences chronic headaches, sciatic pain, or scoliosis can be sure of seeing an improvement after chiropractic care, and with regular treatment all these issues can either be kept at bay or minimized. Virtually everyone who receives chiropractic care can count on having their lives improved, and pain or discomfort alleviated.

Services we offer

You’re never too old or to young to get the benefits of chiropractic care, and we do in fact serve patients from infancy all the way up to advanced ages in the 80’s. That broad range includes athletes, active senior citizens, and the huge sector of youthful to middle-aged individuals who have simply developed various aches and pains from day-to-day living.

Our approach is a holistic one which views the body as a whole entity, and all the bodily systems as part of a greater whole. We recognize that pain felt in any specific area of the body could be attributable to a problem somewhere else in the body, and that’s what makes it so critical to determine the real cause of your pain. Here are some of the services which we offer in pursuit of pain alleviation and elimination:

When you’re suffering from these or other symptoms which may be manifested as pains around the body, especially in the lower back and neck, come see us for an initial consultation. We will learn all about your medical history, and then we’ll attempt to diagnose the true source of your discomfort. Once we know that, we can work with you to formulate a treatment program, with chiropractic care as the centerpiece.