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We are very glad that you’ve found your way to this website, so you can learn about the services provided by Chiropractic Health and Wellness in Golden Valley, Minnesota. We have built our practice around improving the quality of life enjoyed by our patients, and we can do the same for you, whatever you might be experiencing in the way of pain or discomfort. All patients react differently to treatment, and that’s why we always take the time to develop a completely customized treatment plan for every single patient we work with.

Your goals and objectives regarding wellness may be much different than someone else’s, and your physical condition may also be quite different than anyone else’s. We take these factors into account and couple them with the indicated treatment program, to arrive at a unique plan tailored just for your specific circumstances, so that you’ll get the maximum benefit from it. Your personalized treatment plan will then help you to achieve better performance, less pain and discomfort, or just better overall health, whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve. We will also help you to have a better understanding of the impact that good spinal health can have on your well-being and your overall health.

Services we provide

There are many services which we offer at our chiropractic care clinic, and if you’re looking for a chiropractor in Golden Valley, Minnesota, ours is the center you should come to. Below is a partial listing of the services we are frequently called upon to deliver to our fellow community members, and if you should require any of these services, we’ll be glad to accommodate you. Our chiropractic specialists have all had years of experience in delivering expert care to correct spinal subluxation or misalignment, and helping to improve the lifestyles of our patients. Here are some of our most popular chiropractic services:

The role of education

We feel that it’s almost as important to educate our patients about good spinal health as it is to treat their condition. When a patient has a good understanding of how spinal health impacts the entire body, and therefore overall health, it becomes easier to avoid damaging activities and harmful practices which might degrade your spinal alignment. For instance, when you know that the spine can become misaligned by sitting or reclining in an awkward position for several hours, you’ll probably be more inclined to avoid that specific posture.

We can definitely help you achieve a better state of wellness, but you can do a great deal yourself to maintain that state of well-being, and we aim to provide you with the information and the tools to help you accomplish that. We will partner with you so that you can look out for your own continuing wellness, and so you can keep future aches and pains to a minimum.

Customer Reviews

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Headache Treatment in Golden Valley, MN, 55416

“I had frequent headaches, that no amount of pain medication would help. Since seeing Dr. Fargo I rarely get them anymore.”

- sally ebnet

Back Pain Treatment in Golden Valley, MN, 55416

“I recently started NRT and allergy testing with Dr. Kailey and have seen greater results than I had ever thought possible! I have PCOS and was at a standstill in my care until we started these techniques. With some hard work and a little accountability we were able to move the needle just enough to get my hormones back in the proper range. I can’t thank her, and the CHW team, enough for all they have helped me achieve.”

- Emilee Mytinger

Neck Pain Treatment in Golden Valley, MN, 55416

“Dr. Fargo has helped my family immensely, including headaches and neck pain for myself, along with helping my wife with her low back pain during her pregnancy. I would highly recommend seeing him for answers to your health concerns!”

- Jeff Watson

Chiropractic Care in Golden Valley, MN, 55416

“My entire experience with the doctors and staff at Chiropractic Health and Wellness has been nothing short of wonderful. I came to the clinic with little to no knowledge of chiropractic and can genuinely say that due to the expertise of the doctors and the quality of my care I now fully understand and enthusiastically endorse chiropractic care! I am 25 years old and have suffered from chronic pain in my right hip for the last three years. I had tried everything from pain medication, new shoes, and altering my everyday movement and behaviors. Nothing worked. Who would have thought that the unbearable pain in my right hip was actually stemming from a problem in my right foot? Dr. Fargo of course! After just one adjustment to that part of my foot my hip pain was instantly gone for the first time in three years. I now get adjusted once a week to maintain my overall health and wellness. Thank you Dr. Fargo and Dr. Wagner for keeping me healthy and pain free!”

- Heidie Kalsnes

Weight Loss in Golden Valley, MN, 55416

“Great customer service. The dr. Are very friendly professional!”

- Ore J. Lindenfeld

Sciatica Care in Golden Valley, MN, 55416

“Excellent staff, everyone is very friendly and professional.They took amazing care of me from day 1!I highly recommend Dr. Fargo's team, they WILL NOT disappoint you.”

- Charlie Landa

Auto Injury Treatment in Golden Valley, MN, 55416

“I highly recommend Dr. Kailey and Chiropractic Health & Wellness. She takes the time to really understand my concerns and provide solutions to a degree that I have never before experienced at a medical facility. The stress and pain relief that I have felt so far has been amazing! The people at CHW make every effort to educate and make people feel welcome. I learn something new at every visit. And the office pups are a delight!”

- Heather Magers Keefe

Chiropractic BioPhysics in Golden Valley, MN, 55416

“I've gone to numerous chiropractors throughout the years, Dr. Fargo & Dr. Evenson are extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and attentive. I have been battling various low back and hip issues for numerous years and I finally have them under control thanks to Dr Fargo & Dr Evenson. The staff at Chiropractic health and wellness are extremely friendly, thorough and conscientious of your needs.Todd - Mendota Heights, Minnesota”

- Todd Fairbanks

Whiplash Care in Golden Valley, MN, 55416

“Dr. Tim is simply amazing! My feet never felt so good!!”

- Debra Rutlen

Migraine Treatment in Golden Valley, MN, 55416

“I would definitely recommend Chiropractic Health & Wellness. They do a terrific job explaining the process, getting you the care you need, and all of their staff are great!”

- Alan Lichtenheld