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At the first visit with your chiropractor in Hopkins, Minnesota, we will begin by learning as much as possible about your medical history, as well as that of your family. This knowledge can be very useful in terms of predicting or anticipating medical conditions which might impact you in the future. At Chiropractic Health and Wellness, we like to conduct a comprehensive interview with each patient, because that will help us to develop a unique care plan which is fully customized to the individual.

No two patients are alike, either in their medical history, the symptoms they are currently experiencing, or in their physical condition at the moment. This is exactly why we feel it’s critical to formulate a highly customized plan for treatment with each individual who comes to us. Once we’ve discussed your goals and objectives with treatment, we can work with you to establish a formalized program of treatment which will relieve your pain and discomfort, and which will allow you to restore your active life to a point where you can once again enjoy your chosen lifestyle.

Our Services

We provide a great many chiropractic services which may be of great use to you, and we have a number of specialists on our staff who are certified as chiropractors and can administer these services in an expert manner. Whatever kind of issue you may be suffering from, our team members will be able to offer significant relief through one or more of the following services:

In addition to offering these skilled services, we always do our very best to help educate patients, so they can help themselves on an ongoing basis. Any patient who understands how the spine can become misaligned, and the impact that can have on their overall wellness, will be motivated to take a more active role in their own wellness. By doing so, you can avoid the need for future treatments, and you can improve your own quality of life significantly. An educated patient is the best defense against future spinal misalignments, and the development of pain and discomfort stemming from such subluxations.

Our Team

Our team of specialist chiropractors has had many years of experience in performing spinal manipulation, and they have also had years of training which has helped them to understand the major role played by good spinal health in a person’s overall state of well-being. When you come to our chiropractic clinic, you’ll be able to take advantage of all this learning and experience to help you achieve your own goals for wellness.

Whether it’s ongoing sessions of spinal manipulation, massage therapy, or treatment for an injury you suffered during an auto accident, our team can help you get back to the best version of yourself. Don’t put it off any longer – come visit us and find out how chiropractic care can revitalize your life.