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It is little short of amazing what good chiropractic care can achieve for a person, and yet it is one of the most misunderstood of all medical practices. The real purpose of chiropractic care is to use spinal manipulation and other therapies to bring about lasting pain relief in many areas of the body. Rather than treat aches and pains with medications and pain-killers, chiropractic care seeks to discover the underlying cause of all those pains, and go right to the heart of the problem. When the root cause of some pain is discovered, it will be treated through chiropractic care, and it will then go away, instead of constantly bothering the individual.

At the Chiropractic Health and Wellness center, you’ll be treated by a chiropractor in Plymouth, Minnesota without the need for pain-killers, medications, or even invasive surgeries, because that’s not what chiropractic care is all about. Taking the holistic approach to curing any issues in the body, our specialists will help you to achieve your maximum state of wellness by working with you to overcome spinal misalignments which may be affecting your quality of life. When you come to us, we’ll discuss your medical history and then diagnose what the true cause of your pain and discomfort may be. After that, we’ll collaborate with you on a program of treatment which is 100% customized to your situation, and your goals and objectives.


Services we provide in Plymouth, MN

Chiropractic care takes in a broad range of services, most of which are provided at our center by highly skilled specialists who have had years of training and experience in the field. You can be confident that you are receiving the very best care from any member of our team, and that the services provided will help you recover a more active lifestyle, which is either pain-free or very close to it. Here are some of the services provided by our expert chiropractic professionals:

Customer Reviews

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Back Pain Treatment in Plymouth, MN, 55441

“This place in an absolute gem. I'm a chiropractor myself and I did an internship under Dr Tim Fargo when I was completing chiropractic school. I've been in dozens of chiropractic offices and I can honestly save very few can match the professionalism, clinical excellence and level of caring provided by Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center. I've had the privilege of referring a few patients there over the years and I've always had very positive feed back. If you live in the Edina or Minneapolis area this is the place to go.”

- Chris Gubbels

Scoliosis Care in Plymouth, MN, 55441

“Dr. Fargo is the best of the best!! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else in the Edina area! Also, if you know someone with scoliosis, they have amazing technology that can make a huge difference!!”

- Jim Alexander

Weight Loss in Plymouth, MN, 55441

“I’ve had back issues most of my life. Add to this, as a former smoker I’ve dealt with unpredictable weight gains and losses. Since arriving to CH&W, I’ve maintained weight loss and they’ve taken the time to truly look into the causes of my back problems and have put me on a course which has me feeling better than I have in years.These are good people whose goal is to help you. It’s that simple. They are honest, kind and completely free of judgement. It’s nice to feel safe as you get healthier.As of today, I’m riding my bike without pain for the first time in years. I’m turning while I drive without unbearable pain. I’m walking straight. I’m eating healthy. And it’s because of everyone I get to work with at CH&W.”

- James Kurdziel

Migraine Relief in Plymouth, MN, 55441

“Chiropractor health and wellness changed my life!! I can now live a happy and healthy life because of Dr. Fargo and his team! I leave the clinic feeling refreshed every time! I highly recommend starting your journey with them!”

- claire lammers

Chiropractic BioPhysics in Plymouth, MN, 55441

“The best Chiro clinic in the Cities!”

- Reggie Klein

Sciatica Treatment in Plymouth, MN, 55441

“Dr. Fargo and the team at Chiropractor Health and Wellness have been treating me for 20 years. Dr. Fargo has enabled me to continue to live an active life, treating a permanent injury from a car accident. Through recovery of that injury, through pregnancy and the aches and pains that come and everyday living, Dr. Fargo and his team continue to treat the whole patient. I especially like that Dr. Fargo is always studying and looking for the best, proven methods to treat his patients.I am eternally grateful.”

- Margaret Winchell

Auto Injury Treatment in Plymouth, MN, 55441

“Dr Fargo and Dr Evenson are wonderful! I feel so much better than I did at my first appointment earlier this year. Everyone at this office is truly engaged and cares about what they do. Thank you!”

- Kirsten Johnson

Headache Treatment in Plymouth, MN, 55441

“Terrific care in the aftermath of a "tumble"! They are the best!”

- Pat Strong

Pediatric Care in Plymouth, MN, 55441

“Great service all around. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.”

- Five Star Flicks

Scoliosis Treatments in Plymouth, MN, 55441

“I have had an outstanding experience so far with Chiropractic Health & Wellness. Everyone is so friendly and helpful ! I was looking for a new chiropractor that was closer to where I lived so my commute would not be as long. The staff here go above and beyond to help patients with there spine/back issues. I feel like a new person after my visits ! Thank You !”

- Harry Lee