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Chiropractic care is much different than traditional medicine, in that it seeks to address underlying physical causes, rather than trying to just manage symptoms by using drugs and pain-killers. You might have to use drugs your entire life to manage pain, but if the source of that pain were identified and then alleviated, you could begin moving toward a pain-free existence.

That’s exactly what our philosophy is at Chiropractic Health & Wellness, and we think that it should be your approach as well. Maybe in the past, you’ve thought about going to a chiropractor, but you just weren’t sure. Take the plunge today, and discover how chiropractic care in Richfield, MN can help you achieve long-lasting health and wellness.

Services offered at our Richfield, MN clinic

We’d like you to think of Chiropractic Health & Wellness as your one-stop shop for all the possible chiropractic services you might need. Whether you’d like some expert advice on nutrition or you’re suffering from severe back pain, we can accommodate your needs at our wellness center. When you come in for an initial consultation, just explain what your goals and objectives are with chiropractic treatment, and one of our skilled professionals will be able to help you achieve those goals. After we’ve diagnosed the source of your pain or discomfort, we’ll be able to develop a customized plan for treating your issues, and then it’ll just be a matter of scheduling those sessions, so it’s convenient for you. Here are some of the areas we can provide assistance to you in:

When you’re working with one of our experts, you will reach your goals much faster, and that means you can begin enjoying a pain-free lifestyle once again. Don’t hesitate where your health is concerned – contact us today, so you can get started on a program which will lead you to a better whole-health situation, so you don’t have to face pain and discomfort every single day.

Your chiropractor, Richfield, Minnesota

We have a number of highly skilled and qualified chiropractic experts here at our Richfield, MN care center. If you visit our clinic in the city, you might be surprised at how many services we offer, and the number of ways we can help you achieve a healthier version of yourself. Don’t let nagging pains in your back, your neck, or your arms and shoulders keep you out of action – get back in the swing of things after letting our experts work with you toward relieving all those aches and pains.

You may not be aware of the fact that a great many bodily pains and aches are actually due to spinal misalignments. When the spine is out of alignment, it can exert pressure on the surrounding nerves and tissue, and that’s when you start feeling pain. If the spine can be brought back into alignment, those pains are either reduced or eliminated entirely. Do yourself a favor, and let our experts diagnose the real cause of your aches and pains, and then we can help you get back to the kind of pain-free existence you once had.