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Intensive Scoliosis Bracing

The traditional conservative approach to scoliosis includes various forms of exercise and physical therapy, often combined with chiropractic care. While these methodologies are often helpful in relieving discomfort and improving posture, sometimes they are not enough to treat more severe scoliosis cases. In that situation scoliosis bracing is often required.

Scoliosis Bracing

Braces have been used for the treatment of scoliosis for many decades. Most traditional braces, what are known as Boston or TLSO braces, have been somewhat effective in preventing curve progression. In fact, doctors who recommend and prescribe such braces are careful to offer nothing more than to “hold the curve in place”. In addition, such braces are often difficult to use and they tend to create compression which weakens core musculature. Finally, since the current technology for the production of such braces uses plaster casting and then the sculpting of a custom brace, there is wide variability in the quality of this type of brace.

Scoliosis is a three-dimensional phenomenon. Scoliotic curves have rotation around the vertical axis, which is why you will often see the ribs or muscles around the spine being prominent on one side. They also have shifting to the side and bending to the opposite side. Treating such a three-dimensional phenomenon requires a three-dimensional diagnostic and treatment approach. At Chiropractic Health and Wellness Dr. Fargo utilizes the latest computerized technology to analyze scoliotic curves and also provide the data necessary to construct a brace that gives the best chance of reducing and even correcting scoliotic curves.

scolibrace back view

Dr. Fargo utilizes a custom bracing system known as ScoliBrace. This unique, state-of-the-art bracing system employs a combination of photographic images, x-ray images, and three-dimensional laser scanning of the body to produce a precise image of the true shape and magnitude of scoliosis. The information thus obtained is then used to create a three-dimensional model of what it will take to reduce and/or correct scoliosis. Unlike earlier bracing technologies that seek to hold the curve in place, ScoliBrace positions your body in an over-corrected or mirror-image position.

The advantage of ScoliBrace over earlier technologies is that the brace explicitly seeks to reduce curves. This is especially important in younger patients who spines are still developing and who have a significant probability of improvement. In addition, ScoliBrace is not a 3 point compression brace and therefore does not cause the same type of core strength weakening that traditional braces do. Finally, ScoliBrace is easy to wear because it opens in front and does not require assistance for the brace wearer to use.

What you can expect…

 The doctor will do a full consultation and examination to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for bracing.

  1. If it is determined that you are a candidate for bracing, Dr. Fargo will take postural photographs and do 3D laser scans to get a precise image of your body so that a ScoliBrace can be made that perfectly addresses your scoliosis.
  2. All of the information that we obtain from the examination, photographic postural analysis, x-ray analysis and 3D laser scans is sent to our brace team in Sydney, Australia. The team at ScoliCare will then manufacture your custom fitted brace using advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing technology.
  3. When your ScoliBrace is complete we will schedule a fitting for you at Chiropractic Health and Wellness.
  4. 30 days after you receive your brace and are wearing it full-time, we will do an in-brace x-ray to see how the brace is impacting your curvatures.
  5. 90 days after you receive your brace we will do an out of brace x-ray to see how well your spine is responding to treatment.

 Scoliosis Bracing for Infants, Juveniles and Adolescents

 Scoliosis is of especially great concern in infants, juveniles and adolescents. The reason for this concern is that children who are still growing have a significant risk of seeing their curves progress (get worse) over time. Sometimes curve progression can be very rapid and might even necessitate surgical intervention. The earlier that a child develops scoliosis and the larger their curves, the greater the risk of progression. When traditional rehabilitation programs have failed to correct or slow the correction of scoliotic curves, then bracing is often appropriate. Smaller curves may be corrected with a night brace, but larger ones may require full-time wear.

Scolibrace Success Story

x-ray of a female teen with scoliosis before bracing
x-ray of a female teen with scoliosis after bracing

The patient pictured above came to us in 2021. At that time, she was 13 years old and had a 23 degree curve in her lower back. We prescribed, and she dutifully wore, a ScoliBrace for the next 3 years. In the picture on the right is her most recent x-ray. She is now 16 years old, is skeletally mature, and her curve measures 15 degrees. She is now able to begin weaning off the brace and is thrilled with her results. At the beginning of her care, her probability of the curve getting worse was approximately 45%.

Scoliosis Bracing for Adults

 While scoliosis in children grabs more attention, adults are significantly impacted by it as well. It is relatively unusual for children to experience pain associated with scoliosis, but in adults pain and postural deformity associated with scoliosis is common. There has been a viewpoint that scoliosis does not progress (get worse) in adults, but the evidence suggests otherwise. The average rate of progression in adults with scoliosis of all forms averages between .5° to 2° per year. What that means is that curves in adults can get progressively worse over time. Bracing is recommended for adults with curves greater than 30°. Unlike children, the goal of bracing in adults is less about fully correcting scoliosis and more about stabilizing the condition, decreasing or eliminating pain, preventing further progression and avoiding the necessity of surgery. Despite the apparent limitations imposed by working with a more mature spine, it is common to see significant improvement even in older adults with scoliosis.

If curves progress beyond 60° in the mid back or 70° in the low back, surgery may be needed.

Kyphosis and KyphoBraces

 The normal curve in the mid-back when seen from the side is called a “kyphosis”.  When this curve becomes too large and the person becomes excessively rounded that condition is known as a “hyperkyphosis”. Like scoliosis, hyperkyphosis is a spinal deformity and can have a significant impact on health and longevity.  Hyperkyphosis can negatively impact heart and lung function and can even be a predictor of whether a person will be able to live independently with advancing age.  A normal kyphosis is just over 40 degrees.  When a kyphosis gets to 60 degrees the likelihood of progression is very high. When it reaches 80 degrees it is a virtual certainty that it will continue to progress.  Hyperkyphosis can be helped with spinal rehabilitation but when these fail to create the desired result bracing is often indicated. At Chiropractic Health and Wellness we fit patients for the revolutionary KyphoBrace.  The KyphoBrace is produced in collaboration with ScoliCare in Sydney, Australia. This brace is specifically designed to reduce hyperkyphosis and improve the type of postural deformity that results. This device is appropriate for both children and adults with this particular spinal deformity. If you or a member of your family is concerned about or suffers with physical pain or embarrassment about your posture, then contact Dr. Fargo at Chiropractic Health and Wellness in Edina, Minnesota. You can schedule a free consultation by contacting the office.

scolibrace side view

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Intensive Scoliosis Bracing
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