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Decisions, Decisions!

April 5, 2021
Our lives are largely defined by the decisions that we make about how we live. All of us have free will and can make of ...
Smart Goals

Smart Goals

March 29, 2021
SMART GOALS A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS ONLY A DREAM It is critical to create goals with 5 fundamental components.  The “SMART” goal format ...
Patient smiling after chiropractic adjustment

What Is The Million Dollar Adjustment?

March 15, 2021
By Dr. Tim Fargo, Chiropractor Some of you may have experienced “The Million Dollar Adjustment”, or maybe even several, in the course of your care.  ...
woman dealing with migraine headache pain

Migraine: When a Headache Isn’t Just a Headache

March 9, 2021
By Dr. Tim Fargo, Chiropractor Migraine is really just a type of headache, but it has taken on a separate identity because of the severity ...
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What a Pain in the Neck!

March 2, 2021
By Dr. Tim Fargo It is estimated that somewhere between 30% to 50% of Americans will experience neck pain in any given year.  The statistics ...
Edina chiropractor back pain treatment, man with back pain

Oh, My Achin’ Back!

February 24, 2021
Back pain has afflicted man since the beginning of time and especially since he started walking around on two legs.  Though four legged creatures are ...

3 easy things to consider making sure our bodies stay fit while we sit

February 17, 2021
When patients have new or old symptoms we must always consider:  What physical mechanisms could be at play?  Is it bad form in the gym? ...
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How to be Your Most Productive When Working from Home

February 9, 2021
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a great many people around the world and especially in this country have found themselves working remotely for the very ...
Staying fit while aging with chiropractic care


February 1, 2021
While it is true that we are all aging, it is not true that nothing can be done about it.  It is easy to assume ...
Sitting at work desk with back pain

Loving Your Back in the Time of COVID

January 29, 2021
By Dr. Tim Fargo, Chiropractor What began some months ago as “temporary” or “emergency” measures have now become semi-permanent, persistent, and long-term measures.  Many of ...
Child posture with and without backpack

Warning: Backpacks may damage your child’s spine!

January 25, 2021
How backpacks can affect your child’s posture and chiropractic care options. Hello Parents, It’s that time of year again.  Our children are going back to ...

Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants

November 8, 2020
This simple statement was made by, Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food. I think we can use this statement ...

Fat Has A Mind of Its Own

October 22, 2020
Until fairly recently, fat was thought to be inert, evolution’s wobbly way of letting humans store energy for lean times. Starting in the 1990s, though, ...
Gluten sensitivity and your lifestyle.

Gluten Sensitivity

October 15, 2020
I was recently doing a course on the impact of gluten sensitivity on neurological disorders and came across a quote that I thought was most ...
Avocados, nuts, and supplements

The Fabulous Five!

September 19, 2020
The Fabulous Five is neither a British rock band from the 1960s nor is it a collection of superheroes from Marvel Comics. The Fabulous Five ...
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The Power of Setting a Good Example

September 9, 2020
Setting a good example for those around you may be the single-most significant influence that you can have on them. There is a tendency, when ...
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The Ecology of Your Gut is the Key to Good Health

August 19, 2020
Science has clearly demonstrated some astounding facts regarding your gut ecology: About 80% of your immune system lives in your gut. This is because your ...
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Take a Holistic Approach to Boosting Your Immunity

July 24, 2020
If you’re feeling stressed and anxious because of national and global issues, that’s valid. The fear about COVID and how to safely manage your job, ...

What I’ve Learned from Working at CHW

June 26, 2020
by Megan LeeBurton If someone were to tell me as a child that I would be a chiropractor one day, I would have laughed—then I ...
Baby Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care for Bump, Birth and Beyond

June 20, 2020
By Dr. Kailey Fargo I had my very first adjustment when I was an hour old. This was the first of many throughout my youth ...

Why I began the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

June 12, 2020
By Ryan Fargo When I awoke one morning from unsettling dreams, I found I had become fat overnight. At least that’s what it felt like. ...

How Early Habits Lead to Healthy Adults

June 7, 2020
By Becky McLaughlin “What’s for dinner?!” “I’m starving!!” “We never have any good food!!!” Sound familiar? If you have children, and especially if you’ve spent ...

What to do if you are diagnosed with active COVID-19 infection (or suspect you have it)

May 5, 2020
In a previous blog I discussed some of the “facts”, as we know them, about this viral infection. I put the word “facts” in quotes ...

Dr. Fargo and Nancy are Corona Virus Survivors – Our Covid-19 Experience

April 21, 2020
By Tim Fargo First of all, if you do not already know, Nancy and I are both COVID positive, which means that we have both ...
Edina Corona Virus Comments

Comments on the Corona Virus

March 15, 2020
Unless you live under a rock or carefully avoid ever hearing the news, it is hard to ignore the news about the Corona Virus (COVID ...

Minnesota Vikings Footage

February 20, 2020
Two fun videos featuring Dr. Tim Fargo of Chiropractic Health and Wellness talking with Mark Rosen about adjusting the Minnesota Vikings football team. ...

Three Steps to Surviving the Cold and Flu Season

January 27, 2020
As cold and flu season is upon us, many people are wondering what they can do to keep themselves healthy and avoid getting sick. This ...