The Vital Role of Pediatric Chiropractic

Ensuring a Healthy Start in Early Development

The human body is dynamic, meaning it MOVES! Movement is essential for health and well-being as long as the movements are done with intention and proper function. As we age, we tend to become more sedentary at work and home in comparison to our more active youth. Starting from the very beginning of life, babies and children grow at an exponential rate and learn quickly how to control their bodies. There are often bumps and bruises along the way that kids can usually brush off easily. But, what if they aren’t able to communicate that they have an ache or pain like an adult can? What if an ailment lingers and turns into something else greater? Pediatric chiropractic is essential in helping kids grow and develop with ease and preventing long-term issues.


The birth process is one of the most beautiful things a mother and baby can endure together. However, even in the simplest of births, birth is stressful! The baby is compressed in utero, contorted during labor, compressed or distracted during delivery, and often pumped full of medications in the form of an IV for the mother. They are then bathed, poked, prodded, pulled away from their life source, and expected to be calm, happy babies that sleep through the night by 3 months. We have no way of knowing what a baby is feeling after the whirlwind of birth because they can’t yet use their words. Instead, they cry, yell, writhe, don’t sleep, spit up, latch incorrectly, or go days without pooping. These are all symptoms—symptoms are a sign of something else so for a little one who isn’t yet able to talk, it is important to recognize and find the root cause of the symptoms.  Often these symptoms can be traced back to the spine and how it was impacted during the birth process. If an infant experiences birth trauma, it can lead to nervous system dysfunction and restriction, also known as subluxation, that impacts the body’s muscular control, immune system, and gut. Pediatric chiropractors use gentle assessment and evaluation to determine where the spinal subluxation, or restriction, might be so that they can precisely start correcting movement. An infant adjustment requires only light pressure (about the same pressure required to check the firmness of an avocado) because their bodies are so malleable. It is safe and makes an enormous difference on a new little body.

One of the main aims of assessing children at a young age is prevention. If a young baby starts their life with colic, difficulty latching at the breast, and constipation, many hope that the child will simply “grow out of it.” However, we often see these issues manifest differently as the child continues to grow and instead of presenting as fussiness, we see it turn into picky eating, difficulty with speech, sleep disturbances, focus and memory issues, and mental health troubles. Therefore, a baby needs to get evaluated by a pediatric chiropractor after birth to ensure they are being set up for youth success and can thrive into adulthood. Don’t wait any longer, bring your child to see us at Chiropractic Health & Wellness in Edina, schedule today!

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