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Excellent care plans and clinicians! My neck pain has significantly decreased under the treatment of Dr. Alderman.
Response from the owner: Thank you Chris - it's our pleasure to work with you!
This place is a lifesaver! After struggling with knee pain for a while, I finally decided to give chiropractic care a try. From the moment I walked in, I was impressed. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, and the office has a warm and welcoming atmosphere.If you're looking for a fantastic chiropractor, look no further because they are all the absolute best.Special shout out to Dr. Alderman for helping me through my knee injury! He took the time to listen carefully to my concerns, thoroughly examined my knee, and explained everything in a way I could understand. His adjustments were gentle yet effective, and I started to feel better after just a few sessions!
Response from the owner: We are so happy to hear of your success at our clinic with handling your knee pain! It is such a pleasure to work with wonderful patients like you!
Chiropractic Health and Wellness is a wonderful practice - quality care, and amazing doctors and staff! I feel like the care I receive is a result of a collaborative approach and best tailored to my needs and goals.
Response from the owner: Thank you Michele! We strive to treat our patients as we would our own family, and that includes individualized care programs, along with a lot of TLC!
My experience with CHW has been excellent. Dr. Alderman did a great job of explaining everything and made my first chiropractic adjustment and all that followed very easy. Polite and helpful statf. Would recommend to anyone looking for chiropractic help.
Response from the owner: Thank you Cameron! We know the importance of educating our patients so that they have all their questions answered before we start treatment. It's our pleasure to work with you on your health journey!
I have been seeing Dr Fargo and his team for the last 6 -8 weeks. The pain I felt in my hands and neck has been resolved. I also feel so much more flexibility in my neck and spine. I really notice it when I drive and can look behind me so much more easily and fluidly. Everyone is friendly and professional. I have experienced a 60% improvement as measured today. Can’t wait to see what a few more months will bring. Maybe I’ll be turning cartwheels again!! I highly recommend this practice!
Response from the owner: That is such great news Lynn! We are thrilled to hear that you are doing so much better and have so much more movement! We look forward to continued improvement as we work with you!
Dr. Kailey is the best! I have been seeing her for years now to treat a variety of ailments from weight lifting injuries to soreness from running, and even sinus and allergy issues. I would trust her with any care situation and have referred my wife and countless friends to Chiropractic Health & Wellness.If you're on the fence - give them a shot! You will quickly see why they have been voted the best Chiropractor in Edina for so many years. The entire staff is knowledgeable, relatable, and focused on leaving your appointment feeling physically better and more knowledgable than you did when you arrived!
Response from the owner: Thank you Aaron! It's our pleasure to work with wonderful patients like you! And we appreciate your vote of confidence by referring your family and friends!
Finding Dr. Alderman & Dr. Fargo @ CHW by doing a google search (chiropractors who focus on scoliosis), was the best thing to happen to me and my family in 2023. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly only begin to describe our experience. For myself, Dr. Alderman designed a 3 month personal care program based on my X-ray findings and testing/measurements, as well as my budget. I was given an at home PT program designed for my specific needs. And I also go in for regular massage therapy with Courtney. The goal is not to have you as a patient for life, but to get you on a path to wellness that can be maintained outside of their offices. For my son, Dr. Fargo has been working directly with him on addressing his scoliosis. Dr Fargo works directly with Scolio -Tech in Sydney Australia to provide patients who qualify with a custom made Scolio-Brace. This has been a gift to have access to this kind of care.
Response from the owner: Thank you Nancy! We are pleased that we have been able to help you and your son with the various services and care that we offer!
I have been dealing with neck pain for about 15 years. I spent a lot of time with many chiropractors, physical therapist and massage experts. Nothing ever helped and I accepted the fact that I would always be in pain. Dr. Fargo has changed my life! Turns out I needed a few simple tweaks in my day to day life and I am not in pain anymore. Very thankful I found this place and the support I have received over the past six months from this company.
Response from the owner: Colleen-it is wonderful to hear that you finally have some relief after 15 years of neck pain. Because our doctors look at the 'whole' person and create an individualized comprehensive care plan for each of our patients, our patients tend to have great results like you have had! Congratulations!
I had been suffering from constant headaches for quite some time, and I am incredibly grateful Dr. Fargo was recommended to me from a friend. Turns out the headaches were a symptom of multiple issues with my neck, shoulders, and upper back. After conducting X-rays and defining a detailed treatment plan, I received thorough care and began to immediately feel better. The results have been nothing short of amazing, and I am finally headache-free, something that hasn’t happened in years. I highly recommend Dr. Fargo to anyone seeking expert chiropractic care.
Response from the owner: Traci-we are thrilled that you are finally headache free! We find that oftentimes there can be a number of factors that contribute to a health condition. As you know, our doctors perform a thorough exam to determine the cause of the symptom(s) and create a treatment plan to address those issues. We are pleased that you have done so well with your care!
Dr. Fargo is by far the best. He took the time to find what was giving me lower back pain, but has combined therapy and exercise to minimize it for the future. No other chiropractor has done that. I highly recommend Dr. Fargo.
Response from the owner: Thank you Steve! As you have experienced, it is very important to each of our wonderful doctors to evaluate every patient to determine the root cause(s) of their health issues, and then to educate and offer them additional things they can do for themselves to assist in their health care journey. We are so pleased that you are having a great experience at our clinic!
Both Dr. Fargo and Dr. Kailey are so good at what they do!
Response from the owner: Thank you Samantha - we appreciate your trust in our doctors!
I have been seeing Dr Fargo and Dr Alderman for about 6 Mos now and have been very pleased with both the results and the service and friendliness of the staff.
Response from the owner: Thank you Mike! It is our pleasure to be able to help you on your health journey!
LOVE THIS PLACE! LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!Dr. Fargo and his team have changed my life, like SERIOUSLY!4 years ago I started suffering from lower back and hip pain and I thought this would be my new normal seeing I'm reaching my 60s and figured there wasn't much I could do. Well, that theory changed when my daughter told me about CHW and Dr. Fargo. I was pretty hesitant about seeing another chiropractor since I hadn't had good results in the past. At her urging I went ahead and made an appointment. Man, was I was pleasantly surprise! Their approach to my situation blew my MIND! Instead of telling me to plop myself down on an adjustment bench for an adjustment he gave me a thorough lower and upper physical exam-assessing my muscle tone and range of motion or lack thereof. The exciting part were the X-rays results. Not only did he find that one of my legs was slightly shorter, but after examining the detailed views of my spine he pointed out how my spine has "aged" and the sections that lacked good curvature.He suggested a plan that consisted of 3 parts-adjustment, traction and SoftWave. The nice thing was this plan wasn't pushed on me, he just shared the findings and it was up to me to choose the path I wanted to go. I decided to do all 3 parts of the plan not only because I was struggling and wanted relief, I only had 2 1/2 months before I left for the winter so I wanted to hit this hard.... and we did! By the end of the first week I wanted to cry....I was already starting to feel relief!!! By the 2-4 week I noticed that my walking gait changed, I could walk faster and father without the nagging pain in my back, my range of motion in my hip, spine and neck improved, the achey-ness in my back was subsiding so I was sleeping better!!! HALLELUJAH!!And before I left to AZ, Dr. Fargo took some X-rays to compare with the initial ones to see if there were any improvements...and low and behold the films showed that my pelvis was better balanced (with the added 7mm lift to my shoe) and the curvature of the spine was moving in the right direction! Woo hoo!Baby steps!! Can't wait to get back at it when I return! Currently I'm hiking in Tucson...and thanks to the CHW team...I'm hiking like a billy goat! HA!! Thank you! Thank you!!!
Response from the owner: Becky - How wonderful that you are doing so well with your care! It is so important to us to make sure that all of our patients are thoroughly and carefully assessed so that the doctors' recommendations are accurate and suit the needs and health goals of our patients. We are thrilled with your success and the great change your care has made in how you live your life!
Extremely satisfied and happy with my care at Edina Chiropractor Health and Wellness. I have scoliosis and I have never felt better about my care and my health ❤️
Response from the owner: We are so pleased that you have had such good results with your scoliosis treatment. Dr. Fargo has gone through extensive training for for a very specialized scoliosis treatment protocol that is not offered anywhere else in the area. We are so happy that he has helped you!
Awesome place not stiklers on time. Very open environment answers any all questions you might have. I feel tremendously better after starting care here.
Response from the owner: That's great news Matt! We are happy that you are pleased with your care and our attention to your questions!
Dr.fargo is awesome, with years of experience he knows what he's doing. When surprises happens he stays calm and try to find a solution. His practice is busy nonstop. I would highly recommend anyone who is in pain that is looking for hands on care. Friendly and professional staff.
Response from the owner: Thank you Carolyn! It's very important to us that our doctors and staff treat each patient with care and an individualized treatment plan. We are so pleased that you are happy with our service and care.
I’ve been overall happy with the progress I have made with the program I am on at Chiropractic Health and Wellness. Would definitely recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your recommendation, Jennifer!
Dr. Fargo and his team are amazingly talented and compassionate people. They all listen closely and use the very best tools available to find a solution to the patient’s problems. The best thing about Dr. Fargo is that he will not tell the patient he can fix something if he knows he can’t. The patient is always given a very well thought out and straightforward prognosis.
Response from the owner: Thank you Anita! It is very important to us to make sure that our patients receive all of the information they need to make the decision that is right for them about their care. And if we don't feel we can help, we will make sure to refer out to a health care professional that we feel can help. It is our pleasure to work with you!
They are efficient, caring and extremely good at what they do. A very well run chiropractic office . Everyone is helpful and friendly. They get to know you and your individual needs. I have been helped here
Response from the owner: Thank you Judy! We strive to provide our wonderful patients the best treatment and service possible. We are glad that you are so happy with you care!
I have had a great experience with Dr. Fargo and team! Very professional and caring! I would (and have) recommended them to family and friends!
Response from the owner: Thank you Cody - it's our pleasure to work with you and are happy that you are doing so well with your care!
I have been a patient at Chiropractic Health & Wellness Edina for over 30 years. From initial back pain through a terrible accident to today, Dr. Fargo and now Dr. Kailey and Dr. Alderman have provided wonderful care. They listen, are knowledgeable and creative in their approach to healing. I would not have been able to continue my professional career as a meeting planner without Dr. Fargo's care. I am forever grateful.
Response from the owner: Thank you Margaret! It is our pleasure to work with you and see that you continue to do well with your care. We love that you are part of our chiropractic family and look forward our continued work together!
I have been a client of Chiropractic Health & Wellness for about a year now. All 3 chiropractors are amazing. I began with Dr. Fargo who is the first chiropractor in my life (about 18 years of care so far) who was real and direct with me regarding my scoliosis and what I need to do to feel better. I love his candor and his knowledge of chiropractic care (and overall health) is immense.I have seen Dr. Kailey as well and she is just as great. She taught me something I never thought to consider about my health and now it's a daily check in with myself that is improving how I feel.I am also super excited to be working with Dr. Alderman, who is their newest Chiropractor. Seeing him grow from intern to doctor has been beautiful and his bedside manner is top tier. I see all three Chiropractors based on my crazy schedule and I am confident in each one of them to take the best care of me.Dr. Fargo's admins are also fantastic- Heidi & Morgan. I myself am in administration and they are so easy and great to work with. I love that we can text schedule- super convenient.I'm so happy I found this clinic.
Response from the owner: Thank you M.A. - All of our wonderful and talented doctors love to work with you and see that you continue to do well with your care!
Very nice staff and doctors; you can tell that they all care about us patients! Great communication from doctors as to treatment plans and adjustments. Positive environment with lots of laughter and fun. Everybody’s friends here!😊
Response from the owner: Thank you Savana! We enjoy working with you and all of our wonderful patients!
My relationship with Dr. Fargo goes back 25 plus years. I initially received regular treatment from him when I was running marathons on a regular basis a couple of decades ago. We moved to Western Minnesota in 2000 and my care with Dr. Fargo was on the shelf until we moved back to the Twin Cities this Spring.I've struggled with migraine headaches for several years and this fall decided to see if Dr. Fargo could help me. I started treatment in October and am very pleased to say that my headaches in general and migraines in particular have dropped dramatically--to the point where I haven't experienced any headaches for over 1 month! My normal experience would have been a couple of headaches per week and at least 1 migraine a month. Needless to say I'm very pleased.In addition, I'd like to say that my experience with all of the staff at CHW has been very thoughtful and caring. The whole team is focused on patient health and wellness.Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thank you Mark! We love that you've had such a great experience at our clinic for so long - it's certainly our goal to keep our patients feeling good and staying healthy for as long as possible!
All of the chiropractors are extremely knowledgeable, they listen to you & address your concerns. The entire team is like a family where they all work together to get each patient to feeling great.
Response from the owner: Thank you EJB! It is our goal to treat all of our patients as if they were a family member and recommend the care that they really need. We are pleased that you are happy with your care.
The only clinic and chiropractic experience that has helped me relieve neck pain and migraines. My health continues to improve! Cannot recommend enough.
Response from the owner: Thank you Milena! We are so happy that you have done so well with your care and we love working with you!
I have had the best possible experience with Chiropractic Health and Wellness.I have suffered with low back pain for at least 10 years. This is the first time I have had relief from constant pain. I have been taught exercises that relieve pressure and help with my poor posture.These structural changes have eased my pain and make me feel strong again.They operate like a well oiled machine. One day I came in fresh from a fall that would have been a problem for days.When I explained what happened, an intern got right to some therapy that took care of it.They know what they are doing and have changed my outlook. The entire team is patient oriented. A rarity these days.I will be forever grateful.
Response from the owner: Thank you Pam! It is very heart-warming for us to hear about all your successes at the clinic and that you've had such a good experience. We look forward to our continued work together!
I visited the place on a recommendation from a friend for shoulder pain while playing sports. After couple of visits with Dr Fargo, I had absolutely no pain in the shoulder.I have been impressed on how the team is always available to help out. Also, Dr Fargo does such a great job at listening to all the concerns and explains the care plan in detail.
Response from the owner: Vipul- we are so happy that your shoulder is doing so much better! We love working with you and are glad you are one of our many CHW successes!
I came to this clinic with a curvature in my spine that destined me to be among the hunched-over old men. The X-Ray confirmed that I had one of the worst tilts forward of my cervical vertebrae that any man had. In three months of work, this clinic got me to an amazing improvement in my posture and an awareness of where my head is at all times. And once again, the X-Ray confirmed the improvement.
Response from the owner: We are so happy for you and the great improvements in your posture! It's very rewarding to see our patients doing so well with their care at our clinic. Keep up the great work!
Excellent, personalized care. The whole team at Chiropractic Health and Wellness is very knowledgeable and professional. Holistic care is provided not only through adjustments but also by being taught home exercises, getting XRays, nerve stimulation treatment, massages… The front desk staff are welcoming and accommodating. My symptoms improved within a few weeks of working with Dr. Kailey - I can’t recommend this office enough!
Response from the owner: Arielle- you are wonderful to work with and we are so happy that you are doing so well with your care!
I am a 67 year old woman who came to CHW less than two months ago seeking help for migraine headaches. I had experienced headaches beginning in early childhood, struggling with about 20 migraine headaches monthly. I had been actively seeking help through medical doctors for almost 30 years.When I met Dr. Fargo he told me he could not only take away my headaches, but he could also help me with a myrid of other health problems that I had. Pain in my lower back, feet, knees and hips. GI tract problems. Arthritis in my feet, hands and lower back. Obesity and trouble keeping up with my friends and family. I wondered how I would ever keep up with grandchildren someday.Following an evaluation it was determined that I had scoliosis and was out of alighnment in all my aching body parts. A program treatment plan was developed. After my first adjustment by Dr. Fargo I have not had any migraine headaches!MY LIFE HAS ABSOLUTLEY CHANGED!Continued adjustments along with traction and home exercises have made my body feel so much better. My arthritis is now not affecting me. Finding out my food intolerences and avoiding them has cleared up my colitis and GI tract difficulties. I began the Ideal Protein weight loss program at CHW and I have lost 32 pounds so far!I now feel that I have real possiblities and choices in my life ahead, free from pain and headed in a very positive and happy direction.I am incredibly thankful for Dr. Fargo and all the staff at CHW.Marnie
Response from the owner: Marnie-we are thrilled that you are receiving such life-changing results! We know how much home-work you are also putting in to your care and know that you will continue to feel better and better! We love working with you and are thankful for you too!
A wonderful team of caring professionals. Dr. Fargo and his team treat the whole person. They use a variety of methods not found at other chiro practices. Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you Lisa - it's a pleasure working with you and we are so happy that you are pleased with your care!
This place is magic
Response from the owner: Thank you Brandon! We are happy to help!
Dr Kayleigh took the time figure out what was wrong with my back and neck. She then came up with a plan to make it better. After 6 weeks, i feel amazing! I love it there!
Response from the owner: It is wonderful to hear how well you are doing Tanya! It is our pleasure to work with you and assist you on your health journey!
Dr Fargo and staff are truly amazing. The amount of time, care and attention all the staff gives really is a treat in this day and age.
Response from the owner: Thank you Matthew! We appreciate your kind words and enjoy working with you!
Can’t speak highly enough about Chiropractic Health and Wellness. Every single employee is great, and makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. Aches and sores feel much better after a few visits
Response from the owner: Thanks Sam...we think you're pretty great too! And we are happy you are feeling better too!
I am so lucky that I found Chiropractic Health & Wellness! Dr. Kailey is so knowledgeable and kind; I feel like she truly listens and wants to help in anyway she can. Since receiving treatment, I have gained a lot of insight into my own health that I had been missing from just seeing a regular doctor. My chronic conditions are improving and I know it is because of the care and advice I have been receiving from Dr. Fargo. Everyone in the office is also incredibly friendly and helpful, especially the front desk ladies!
Response from the owner: We are so delighted that you are having such a good experience at our clinic and receiving great results! Thank you for your wonderful review!
Highly recommend!Prior to CHW I had never been to a chiropractor, just never thought it was something I needed. Well, after over 6 months of struggling with headaches, and body aches from injuries related to a motor vehicle accident, along with life experiences, I wanted to try anything and everything I could to get some relief. Both Dr Fargo, and his daughter Dr. Kailey Fargo have changed my life.Offering immediate X-rays, visual information for me, and their understanding of what is going on with my specific body.Creating time in their calendars to adjust me immediately.I was scared, having never done this before, their professionalism, knowledge, and kindness put me at ease almost immediately—and my pain is getting better in HUGE ways.Neck mobility, reflexes, aches/pains, headache frequency & severity—have all improved immensely.Again, I would highly recommend this Chiropractic Practice to anyone looking to improve their life!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your wonderful words of support! We know how important it is to take the time to educate our patients so they understand what to expect from their care. We appreciate you and are so happy to hear you are feeling so much better!
Went after a car crash for back and neck pain. The doctors here are amazing at explaining what’s wrong and how it is/will effect you. They will take as much time as you need to understand the problems and the solutions. Super friendly staff!! Also have an on-site massage therapist that has done wonders for the headaches caused by the car crash. Would recommend 100%!!!!
Response from the owner: We are so pleased that you are receiving wonderful results from your care for the injuries you sustained in you car accident. We know how important it is to get you back to pre-accident status as soon as possible, while making sure you receive the best care!
I highly recommend Dr. Tim Fargo. He did a very thorough assessment and explained options. I was having pretty severe pain in my back and glutes, interfering with sleep and activities. I am feeling so much better after just a couple of months. A very positive experience!
Response from the owner: Thank you Susan! We enjoy working with you and helping you feel better!
CHW is definitely the office for relief. I have suffered with lower back and shoulder issues for quite some time. My first visit with Dr Fargo was successful relief and eventually I was visiting only once a week. Dr Fargo and staff have the practice, not only, just adjust without checking to see if there are other areas that may need attention.You’ll find the office staff very warm, friendly and attentive. Friendly experience.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words, Kathy! We take pride in caring for our patients as if they are one of our family and enjoy working with you!
I have suffered for years with chronic back pain. I have had two spinal surgeries and several spinal injections and have done countless hours of physical therapy. I started seeing Dr. Fargo regularly about 9 months ago, and my back pain has been greatly reduced. I appreciate how much time Dr. Fargo took to get to know me, my health history, and what my body needed to get better and the overall care with which he has treated me. Dr. Fargo and his team are friendly, caring, and helpful.I also did the Ideal Protein diet with the guidance of Shea Welsh and lost over 30 pounds! Shea's care and support helped me stay on track when things got hard.Between the weight loss and chiropractic treatment for my back, I feel like a totally new person! I highly recommend Chiropractic Health and Wellness. Thank you, Dr. Fargo, Shea, and CHW team!
Response from the owner: Rebecca, we are thrilled to hear about all of your successes with the different services we offer! It's our pleasure to work with you and assist you on your health care journey.
Dr. Tim Fargo has been a wonderworker for my wellbeing, despite living with a scoliosis and kyphosis. Thanks to his diagnosis, treatment, and fitting me with a Scoli-brace, I live an active life, comfortable in my body, and keeping up with a very active two year old! At 75, I owe much of my vitality and delight in my life to Chiropractic Health & Wellness. My family appreciates the luscious, healthy recipes we enjoy together. I am so grateful to have connected with them, first to address back pain, and now to have "tune ups" to maintain my wellness.
Response from the owner: We are so happy you are living your best life Marilyn, we really appreciate you!
Dr. Fargo and his team are the best in the business! They promote overall wellness and have helped me immensely on my health journey. I had moderate to severe back pain, posture problems, and myriad other issues when I decided to come in, and they have helped me to not only become pain free, but to better understand the underlying causes of why I was suffering, and helped to educate me and set me up for long-term success and health. I could not be happier with the service and support I've received from the entire team, from the front desk to the interns, each have treated me and my family with kindness, respect, and dignity.
Response from the owner: Thank you Peter! We love to know that you and your family are doing so well and that the personalized treatment, education and support we provide made such a difference in your long term success and health...that's our goal with each and every one of our patients! We look forward to our continued work together!
The care and attention to detail by Dr Fargo is incredible. After just a week of adjustments I feel better than I have in years.
Response from the owner: Thank you Ryan! We are so happy that you are feeling so much better!