after SoftWave the right knee feels new, stronger, and tighter

I am new to the clinic as a SoftWave patient. My husband began seeing Dr. Fargo as a patient and the services he was receiving ended up being vital for his health recovery. Once I learned SoftWave may help me with some chronic issues I was having, I came in for a consultation with Dr. Fargo. I have been having issues with my right knee for the last 6 years. I have tried strength training which helped improve my knee pain by 50%. When I walk upstairs, I lean on my left leg to do more of the work and after completing my SoftWave treatment I’ve noticed I have been able to use my right knee in a more balanced proportion to scale stairs and the discomfort has greatly decreased. My knee before SoftWave felt like it was loose, unstable, and leaning toward fragile, after SoftWave the right knee feels new, stronger, and tighter. As a result, I have more confidence in using it and putting pressure on it. The team at Chiropractic Health and Wellness is a well-oiled machine and are behind why I feel like in my mid 40’s I’m tapping into some of my 20-year-old energy levels. As a result of feeling how healthy my right knee is, I signed immediately back up to get this therapy on my left knee! I’m grateful this service is available and now I’ve become a chiropractic patient as well. I’m embracing speedy recoveries from things to support the physical lifestyle I have for this chapter of my work. I appreciate your team for taking care of my husband Arlen; Dr Fargo is a dear friend of his and I never would have expected I’d become a patient and we’d be on this journey together. Dr. Fargo has really revived both myself and my husband’s wellness – you have a phenomenal practice operating over there. Bravo!

Mercedes A.

the immediate positive results were far greater than I could expect

SoftWave treatment surprised me and produced very positive results.  The reason for saying “surprised me” is because my physical limitations are due to an accident 23 years ago.

My right shoulder/rotator cuff was still quite limited and painful.  In the accident, my arm was “dragged” and stretched – luckily not torn or broken.  Being right-handed amplified my desire to find an answer. After Dr. Alderman explained SoftWave treatment to me, I was intrigued and hopeful.

SoftWave still seems “odd” to me – more like having an ultrasound done – how could it help?!  Well, it did.  Prior to the treatment, it was too painful to cross my right arm past mid-body – affecting personal daily routines, carrying anything, even using the steering wheel.  I could not raise my arm level to my shoulder – now, I raise it to the side straight up – slowly, but I can do it.  Also, I could not use my hand/arm to even push a small button on an appliance or wipe a countertop.  Now I can – it’s quite surprising how many things in a day where you use slight pressure –  and by not using it, I became weaker….finally some muscles are waking up.  It is wonderful to hold a grandchild!

After my first treatment, the immediate positive results were far greater than I could expect.  Even now, after my 10 sessions have completed, my body continues to heal.  Thus, the more healing, the more I can use and strengthen my muscles.

I am so thankful for the expertise of Dr. Alderman and the entire team who helped me through this fruitful experience.

Kay L.