I have not had a headache in weeks

“I happened to stumble across Dr. Tim Fargo and Chiropractic Health & Wellness while wandering around the 50th & France Open Street Day earlier this fall. Little did I know just how fortunate I was to have stopped by and engaged in conversation with Dr. Fargo!

I began my treatments a week later. I was a mess. I had severe shoulder, neck, and back issues. I had lost much of my flexibility and spent much of the time with aches and pains. CP & W took the time to evaluate my needs and construct a treatment program designed specifically for me.

This series of treatments included adjustments and exercise. However, it also included therapy sessions that helps to realign skeletal structure.

I am amazed that within just a few short weeks, both my neck and shoulder are doing so much better. I have not had a headache in weeks. I also feel like I could throw a ball without having to favor my shoulder for the first time in 20 years. Moreover, I have now had periods of time where my back has not been aching…something it had done non-stop for 3 years.

Thanks Dr. Fargo! You have found yourself a life-long client.”

Mark R. S.

I enjoy ZERO back pain

“It was so fortunate to find Chiropractic Health & Wellness through my partner who recognized Dr. Kailey from her rowing days! Though I was still active (we met at Vertical Endeavors), I was having so many different issues it’s hard to list them all: trouble focusing, breathing deeply, turning my neck, and sleeping on my side were some of the worst symptoms. Now I enjoy ZERO back pain with full blood flow to my brain and lungs, and I feel great! Biking is easy again since it doesn’t hurt to look behind me, and I haven’t slept this great since before starting high school! Testing for non-invasive food sensitivities with Dr. Fargo transformed my digestive health too! I highly recommend the entire team at CHW!”


Anna M.

I am living well in my 72-year old body

“I first came to Chiropractic Health and Wellness years ago in excruciating back pain. Yes, I had earned that pain, lifting far too much weight, jumping on a plane, and working with three congregations in three days in Texas. I tried my traditional health care … and found no relief. My daughter referred me to Dr. Fargo. Although I entered chiropractic care as a skeptic, I emerged a true believer in the difference that regular chiropractic care could make in my health, my wellness, my joy at being alive, and the delight of being in a body that works well and is comfortable. Going far beyond back and neck issues, it was Dr. Fargo who diagnosed my gluten allergy and gave me a wonderful reprieve from gastrointestinal and arthritis symptoms. Two years ago, Dr. Fargo noticed that I had developed scoliosis and kyphosis and measured me for a Scoli Brace, which he tailored to a perfect fit and which I have worn faithfully with surprisingly good results. Against all expectations, he not only arrested the increase in curvature, but actually reversed some of the curve. People have asked me if I have less pain. Thanks to Dr. Fargo, he caught it before I was in pain. With his attentive, intuitive care, I am living well in my 72-year old body … which I plan to use for a few more decades! So, what is your health and well-being worth? I cannot recommend CHW more highly.”

Marilyn S.

I felt so much better

“When I started to see Dr. Kailey, my feet, ankles, knees and hips hurt and I was having trouble doing as well in sports. I did physical therapy for a while and it didn’t do the trick. Dr. Kailey was really great about listening to me, she is really nice and funny. After each treatment I felt so much better, I can run faster and my legs don’t hurt after practices or games.”



“My son plays hockey, lacrosse, tennis and golf and during a quick growth stage, Jonah began to develop severe pain in his hips, knees, ankles and feet. It was so bad that his running and walking stride was deteriorating and he was compensating making things worse. We tried various strength training and physical therapy which helped a little but not enough. I researched different Chiropractic offices in our area and found that Chiropractic Health and Wellness had experience treating athletes, specifically Dr. Kailey with youth athletes. After Jonah’s first treatment, I was amazed that my son was running almost normally again! After a series of treatments, he was so much better, happier and felt great. He loved going to his treatments, loved how he felt after and I love that the staff and doctors really listened to his needs and my concerns. We saw fantastic results and I’d recommend this practice to anyone!

Kim: (Jonah’s Mom)

Gave me better range of motion in my neck

“Dr. Timothy Fargo is more than a chiropractor to me. Our families have developed a unique bond over the last thirty plus years and It began with my daughter, Lisa, when she was fourteen. She is now married with four children and the entire family has been treated at Chiropractic Health and Wellness.

When I was growing up no one in my immediate family approved of chiropractic care because, of course, I had a great uncle who was a “medical” doctor practicing “real” medicine.

What I have learned since the fall of 1985 is that chiropractic care basically cured Lisa of what the “medical” doctors referred to as “painful tailbone syndrome” and gave me better range of motion in my neck over time. Once I understood that regular care, while somewhat expensive was what I needed to function well while living with arthritis I was all in. After several serious injuries I needed two or three adjustments and electrical stimulation every week for about a month. I improved slowly and am convinced that I would not be walking today if it weren’t for my chiropractor and dear friend, Tim Fargo.

One of the things I love about Chiropractic Health and Wellness is that it is a “family affair” and is a most welcoming clinic. I have many colleagues and friends who believed my story and have also made a commitment to improving their health one spine at a time. “


Linda C