pregnant woman, her husband, and the doula

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Dr. Mitch

Doulas are a great resource for both mother and father. However, a doula’s main objective is to make sure the birth plan is congruent with how the mother wants to give birth. When the time comes, a doula ensures the birth plan is implemented and modified appropriately as labor progresses.  As a father of two children who was present at both births, I realize the absolute benefit of hiring and utilizing a Doula.

We met our Doula when she was assisting our midwife during our first child’s birth at Willow midwives.  After having our daughter without a Doula, we realized it was well worth the investment to hire our Doula- Liz, for our second child’s birth.  My wife had a strong connection with Liz and immediately knew she would be a great asset before, during, and after the birth of our son.

A major component of the Doula-experience was preparing for the day of the birth.  Compared to my wife’s first birth without a Doula, her second birth was much more efficient because we had a birth plan set and ready for “game day”. And we had a coach to make sure we were on task!  We were able to communicate with our doula on the weeks, days, hours, and minutes before we needed to make our way to the birthing center.  Liz was AWESOME–She was with us for every moment of the labor, she met us at home and followed us to the birth center.

As an “active participant/spectator” to the labor I was able to be present during the birth process.  I was able to appreciate the miracle of birth and assist when necessary.  Our doula made it clear when I was able to step in and be a part of the process.  I was able to be at my wife’s side without worrying about anything other than focusing on my wife and seeing my son enter this world.

Giving birth is one component of a much larger task.  Our doula guided our first moments with our son—she assisted with nursing and guided us on what to expect after we were home.

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