by Megan LeeBurton

If someone were to tell me as a child that I would be a chiropractor one day, I would have laughed—then I would have asked what a “chiropractor” was. Now, it’s clear to me that chiropractic is my life’s calling. My name is Megan LeeBurton.  I am a senior majoring in kinesiology at the University of Minnesota and the new front desk coordinator here at Chiropractic Heath and Wellness.

I began undergrad with the goal of eventually applying to physician’s assistant school. However, within these last eight months, I redirected my focus to chiropractic school. It goes without saying that my educational journey has not gone as expected. I have always been curious about the health field and find great enjoyment in challenging society’s long-held medical beliefs. This curiosity and skepticism eventually led me to chiropractic. I found that not only is chiropractic an extremely technical field (which makes it a million times more interesting to learn), it is also extremely EFFECTIVE. I was hooked by the end of my first adjustment.

I am blessed to work in this clinic with some of the wisest people I have ever met. Nothing in undergrad prepares you for living the life of a chiropractor or the business of actually running an office. Here at CHW, I learn more each day than I ever have in school—and just when I think I am done learning, I get even more information thrown my way. The knowledge I’ve gained over the last month about running an office is more than I ever thought I would know and is now an integral part of my understanding of the business. For instance, I’ve learned that getting a doctorate in chiropractic is just the beginning. You then must then figure out a host of additional steps like where you will work, which services you will provide, and whether to open a clinic of your own. No college course teaches you the things I have learned while working in this clinic.

The business aspect of this clinic isn’t the only crazy realization I’ve had here… the work of our chiropractors also needs to be acknowledged. I stand behind the front desk every day and watch Dr. Fargo, Dr. Evenson, and Dr. Kailey work. They are amazing to watch. Every patient is different, and each patient has different needs. The doctors have such an empathetic, caring, and effective way with their patients. This is a way I dearly hope to replicate one day. Watching their patients’ physical and mental health blossom is so inspiring that it motivates me to be a better employee and a better student for all the patients I will treat in the future! I have gained all of this insight by just sitting behind a desk. This, too, is a gift I never expected to receive.

I thank the Fargo family for teaching me these valuable lessons. The amount of time and commitment that goes into this clinic is admirable and needs to be recognized. If you would like to talk with me about my experience and schedule your next appointment, please call us at 952-835-6750 or send an email to

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