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The combination of heavy snow, icy walks, and cold temperatures put people at increased risk for falls, back injuries and even heart attacks.  I thought I would give you a few clues about how to avoid injury while doing the unavoidable.

  • Treat snow shoveling like the athletic event it is and do some gentle stretching and warming up before you go out to shovel.
  • Keep your back straight while shoveling and this means getting a shovel with a long enough handle or one of those funky ergonomic ones with the curved handle so that you do not have to bend down.
  • Take smaller amounts with each shovel so that you do not strain yourself.
  • Step in the direction that you are throwing the snow so that you do not have to bend and twist.
  • Take it slow and take frequent rests because shoveling can be extremely strenuous and can elevate both heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Remember to lift with your legs and not with your back while you are lifting and throwing the snow.
  • When you do take a break from shoveling spend a little time arching backward with your hands on your low back to counter-balance your forward bent posture.
  • If it is extremely cold and windy make sure to keep your face covered to prevent frostbite, but also to warm the air coming into your lungs.
  • Hire someone else to do the shoveling for you. That is my favorite one.


Tim Fargo D.C.

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